Online Stopwatch

An excellent time tracking tool to help you complete all your tasks, and measure your pace too. Hassle-free, easy and effective way to refine and optimize your everyday targets.

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How Stopwatch Works

Simple 3 steps.

Press on the “Start” button

The timer of the stopwatch will immediately start to run.

Press on the “Stop” button

The timer will end as soon as you press stop. You can record the time it has taken for you to complete the task.

Hit the “Reset” button

The timer will refresh and begin again from 00:00:00

What is a stopwatch?

The ticking clock can impact your productivity positively, allowing you to keep track and measure progress of your every day tasks. An Online Stopwatch counts the time with precision, exactly down to the second. A fantastic tool to record your time with 100% accuracy.

How Does the Stopwatch Work?

An easy, self-explanatory tool for users of all ages. Simply, start, let the stopwatch keep track of your time, and stop when you are done with the task. Use the “pause” button for breaks, and restart the stopwatch. The stopwatch will resume and continue to track your time.

What is a stopwatch used for?

An Online Stopwatch is multi-functional, allowing users of all ages to benefit from this ultimate record-keeping tool. Ideal for sports, training sessions, workshops, meetings, academic exams, as well as game nights

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. There is an icon at the top right that appears as soon as you set your timer. Press on it to select the full-screen option allowing better visibility for a larger audience.
100% accurate, it starts and stops right at the second you press on the buttons, with no lapse.

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