World Kindness Day - November 13, 2023

World Kindness Day
Last Updated on: 25 Nov 2022

What is World Kindness  Day? 

As part of the worldwide Global Kindness Movement, people all over the world get together every year on November 13 to celebrate World Kindness Day. This holiday was established in 1998. Many nations celebrate it, including the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. The occasion of World Kindness Day allows us to consider one of the most fundamental and uniting ideas in all of humankind. So spread this essential characteristic that unites people of all backgrounds on a day dedicated to the power of acts of kindness, whether big or small.

World Kindness Day All Quick Overview

  • Time / Date : 13 November
  • Category: Cause
  • Where It’s Marked: USA.
  • Why It's Marked: The day promotes kindness worldwide and is observed annually on November 13 as part of the World Kindness Movement.

History Of World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day was added to the NSW School Calendar in 2010 after Michael Lloyd-White petitioned the NSW Federation Parents and Citizens Association.

In 2012, the then-Minister of School Education, Early Childhood, and Youth complied with a request from the Chairman of World Kindness Australia to include World Kindness Day on the Federal School Calendar. As a result, world Kindness Day has been added to the National School Calendar for more than 9000 schools, thanks to the Hon. Peter Garrett also delivered a Declaration of Support for World Kindness Australia.

Schools in the United States and elsewhere are joining organizations like the Be Kind People Project and Life Vest Inside to observe World Kindness Day on November 13. For example, Governor of New South Wales Marie Bashir collected the first-ever Cool To Be Kind Award from kids in grades three and four in 2012. The ceremony was held in honor of World Kindness Day. In addition, several Australian councils, representing over 1.3 million people, have signed Declarations of Support for World Kindness Australia, committing to include World Kindness Day in annual council calendars.

Activities like the Global Flashmob, managed by American Orly Wahba, took place simultaneously in 15 nations and 33 locations and whose photographs were shown on large screens in New York City, and THE BIG HUG, in which kindness cards were distributed, are just a few examples. In Singapore in 2009, 45,000 yellow flowers were handed out, and in Canada, they held The Kindness Concert. Volunteer group Humanitarek's initiative Randomised Kindness included celebrating World Kindness Day in Slovenia in 2017.

How to Celebrate World Kindness Day

Everyone is encouraged to go out of their way to help others. Join in the festivities by making a pact to do an act of kindness for someone else. It may be simple or complicated. If you decide to do something good for the world, know that you will join a growing movement of people making a difference by doing good deeds.

On this momentous day, we celebrate the achievements of others. Remember to thank those who helped you on this day devoted to kindness. Say "thank you," but you may not hear it. Here are some ways to celebrate World Kindness Day.

  1. Get these visuals for your social media profiles and start sharing!
  2. Decorate your Facebook profile with the "Be Kind" frame.
  3. Send "The World We Make" to your preferred educational institution or a teacher you like.
  4. Take part in's #MakeKindnessVisible campaign, number six on this list.
  5. From Random Acts of Kindness, read the article "7 Ways to Start Making Kindness the Norm in Your Daily Life." 
  6. Be Kind Activities and handouts to help kids learn to use the power of kindness in their daily lives.
  7. Follow Kindness Media Studios on Instagram if you want to witness daily challenges.
  8. Sign up for the online World Kindness Day party, Dance for Kindness.
  9. Check out Nicole Lewis's "Keep it Kind " video.

Countries that Observe World Kindness Day

World kindness day is observed in many countries like Canada, Australia, Nigeria, and the United Arab Emirates. 

Interesting Facts about World Kindness day

  • Kindness itself has been proven to reduce blood pressure.
  • Compassionate actions release endorphins, the body's painkillers.
  • Giving one's self-kindness raises oxytocin, which is suitable for the heart and blood vessels.
  • According to biochemical studies, acts of kindness raise brain levels of natural opioids, leading to a "natural high" of dopamine.
  • On this day in 1998, the Small Kindness Movement in Japan celebrated its 35th anniversary, and it was also the first day of the inaugural World Kindness Movement conference in Tokyo.

Unique World Kindness Celebration Ideas

  • Put a kind expression on your face as you pass people on the street.
  • Put up post-it notes with encouraging words on them and leave them everywhere.
  • Pick up the phone and give a distant relative a call.
  • Straighten up the home.
  • If you notice trash outdoors, please pick it up and place it in a trash can.
  • Please hold the door open for the person behind you.

World Kindness Day Quotes

Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind, and the third is to be kind." - Henry James

Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person's life. – Jackie Chan

Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are. – Harold S Kushner

A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. - Amelia Earhart

Be Kind Whenever Possible. It's Always Possible. – Dalai Lama


1. Why do people celebrate a day dedicated to kindness?

The purpose of World Kindness Day is to raise awareness of the value of kindness in our daily interactions with one another, ourselves, and the rest of the world. This annual celebration on November 13 aims to teach people that kindness to strangers is the glue that holds society together.

2. When did people begin to celebrate World Kindness Day?

Following a summit of like-minded kindness groups in Tokyo in 1997, The World Kindness Movement officially established World Kindness Day in 1998.

3. If you had to guess which nation hands out the most "nice child" awards on World Kindness Day, which would it be?

Canada, Australia, Nigeria, and the United Arab Emirates are just a few of the nations that celebrate it. However, it wasn't until 2009 that Singaporeans marked the occasion.

4. When is World Kindness Day? And what does it celebrate?

This year's theme was "The World We Make - Inspire Kindness" for 2020. This year's theme for World Kindness Day was empathy. It was crucial to connect with listeners on a global scale.

World Kindness Day Observances

Year Weekday Date Name
2021 Saturday 13 November World Kindness Day
2022 Sunday 13 November World Kindness Day
2023 Monday 13 November World Kindness Day
2024 Wednesday 13 November World Kindness Day
2025 Thursday 13 November World Kindness Day
2026 Friday 13 November World Kindness Day

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