Brazil Independence Day - September 07, 2023

Brazilian Independence Day
Last Updated on: 25 Nov 2022

What is Brazilian Independence Day? 

Brazilian Independence Day is celebrated annually on September 7 as Brazil declared independence from Portugal on September 7, 1822. It is also known as Sete de Setembro. 

History Of Brazilian Independence Day

History of Brazil Independence

For over three hundred years, Brazil was governed by Portugal. Colonial rule in Brazil ended when Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Portugal and annexed it to the French in 1807.

There were numerous wars between the Portuguese crown and the Brazilian people during the time that Portugal ruled Brazil. Brazilian history includes a revolutionary conflict known as the Pombaline War, which took place in the 1700s.

The Brazilian monarchy was toppled due to this conflict, and the Imperial Republic was founded in 1808. However, in 1815, the Brazilians returned to an emperor's rule, refusing to acknowledge the republican form of government.

Conflicts within the empire eventually resulted in the emperor's sacking in 1817. After years of political uprisings, Brazil declared itself a republic and ended the empire again. After the fall of its government at the time, the Brazilian Empire tried to set up a new, democratic government.

The empire enacted new legislation as part of this initiative to establish a more stable political structure. The Constitution of the Brazilian Empire was based on these statutes. The legislature elects a Council of Ministers who are given complete control of the country under the constitution.

Countries That Celebrate Brazilian Independence Day 

Brazilians are the ones that celebrate independence day. However, some neighboring countries partake in this celebration. Brazil is one of the largest and most diverse countries in the Western Hemisphere. Its territory spans more than half of South America and contains the Amazon rainforest and a desert region known as the "Antarctic" desert.

The country has more than 200 ethnic groups, but its population is dominated by Roman Catholic Christians who are descendants of Portuguese settlers from Portugal who arrived in the 1500s.

Unique Brazilian Independence Day Celebration Ideas and Tradition

People go on outings, have picnics, and participate in various outdoor activities. Let us inform you that fireworks usually occur in the evening, and parades typically happen in the morning.

On this day, thousands of people of Brazilians rejoice together in the street. There are many traditions and customs associated with Brazil's Independence Day celebrations, which include the following:

 1. Launching and Lighting Fireworks  

When the clock strikes midnight on September 6, you'll see fireworks celebrating Brazil's independence from Portugal.

In some cities, like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, there are parades where people can march through the streets waving flags while singing national anthems (or having them broadcasted over loudspeakers).

2. Consuming Sugarcane

One popular tradition is eating lots of sugar cane as part of your celebration! It's called "batata," which means "sweet potato" in Portuguese. There might even be some funny videos online showing people dancing with their mouths complete!

3. Celebrating the Flag

It is the symbol of Brazil's independence and a national treasure, so you will see it everywhere during Brazil's Independence Day celebrations. You must wave your flag proudly when marching through town or singing along with friends.

4. Singing the National Anthem

Many songs about this memorable holiday include "Brazil's National Anthem" by Ennio Morricone. The national anthem plays at all events celebrating Independence Day in Brazil: "Salut! Salut! O, Brasil!" (Hello! Hello! Our Country!).

It's sung in Portuguese too but has been translated into English so you can understand what they're saying if you don't know any words yet (like me).

5. Parades

As mentioned above, Parades are held with huge festivities described below. 

(a) Independence Day Military Parade

On September 7, groups take to the streets to celebrate Brazil's Independence Day while dressed in clothing inspired by the country's flag. The President attends a large military parade in the nation's capital, Brasilia, and each city also holds its parade.

The march in Rio de Janeiro is held on Avenida Presidente Vargas in Centro. People around the city travel to attend this parade because it is filled with music and has a solid patriotic theme.

(b) Independence Day Civic Parade

Students from all the schools in each region participate, and it happens in different parts of the city. The school band will play music while the pupils do artistic acts with ribbons or juggling acts while adorning the uniform of their school.

Schools compete against one another to find whose Civic Parade performance is more attractive. The price is determined by a group of residents and may encompass sports investments or new equipment for the winning school.

(c) Making and Eating Brazilian Food

Brazilian food fuses elements of Portuguese, native Brazilian, African, and Italian cooking. It's very varied, as ingredients like corn flour and quinoa allow for blending traditional European fare with regional specialities.

Since Brazil is located in a tropical region, it follows that many typical dishes feature tropical fruits like pineapple and avocado.

Seafood dishes, such as sardines and shrimp, cooked over an open fire, are another staple of the Brazilian diet (called feijoada). To accommodate local palettes, many traditional Brazilian dishes have undergone significant changes.


Today, Brazilians still celebrate their independence by wearing specific clothing, eating lots of food, and drinking beer (or cachaça). It's such an important holiday that it's one of the biggest holidays in the country!

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the history of Brazil and its independence celebrations. Now describe the experience in your country. Have you got a holiday like this one? Is it a national holiday? How do you genuinely appreciate your Independence Day?

If you have any questions or comments, please get in touch!

Brazil Independence Day Observances

Year Weekday Date Name
2021 Tuesday 07 September Brazil Independence Day
2022 Wednesday 07 September Brazil Independence Day
2023 Thursday 07 September Brazil Independence Day
2024 Saturday 07 September Brazil Independence Day
2025 Sunday 07 September Brazil Independence Day
2026 Monday 07 September Brazil Independence Day

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