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What is the Kut Festival?

Kut festival, also renowned as the Chevang Kut, is a Manipuri festival. The tribes of Kuki-Chin-Mizo groups of Manipur beautifully observe this fall event signaling that the harvest season has concluded. 

A vital component of the Kut festival is watching a cheerful and energetic presentation and performance of the rich culture and festivity of different tribes. During the event, all the tribes say their prayer for plentiful crops and the well-being of the populace. Therefore the event turns out to be a thanksgiving celebration.  

Kut - All Quick Overview

  • Date: November 1
  • Category: Cultural 
  • Where It’s Marked? India
  • Why It’s Marked? The festival is large and ancient and can be dated back about 3,000 years. It is a cherished festival among the Kuki-Chin-Mizo people.

History of Kut

Manipur has a reputation for being a place of celebration with year-round festivities. Numerous festivals that reflect the state’s cultural, social, and religious ambitions are held throughout the year in Manipur. And Kut is one of them. 

Was the Kut festival similar to today’s celebration? The cultural history of Kut dates back to 3000 years ago. It used to be celebrated for a different reason. 

Let’s find out how the tribal people used to celebrate Kut.

Kut is a cultural heritage for the Kuki-Chin-Mizo tribes. They are a part of the Menashe tribe, one of the 12 lost tribes of Israel. When the Assyrians seized control of Israel’s Northern Kingdom in 720 B.C., the tribe was lost. 

At that point, they had to cross the Red Sea. And Kut was supposedly a celebration of thanksgiving for the tribe’s safe passage of crossing the sea. The tribe thanked nature because it was long before people started practicing Buddhism or Hinduism In India. And Kut was supposedly a celebration of thanksgiving for the tribe’s safe passage of crossing the sea.

Historians predict that in around 1700 A.D., different tribes started celebrating Chapchar Kut in a village called Suaipui. And it was culturally revived in 1962 in Aizawl. 

Kut used to be celebrated from the beginning to stabilize the agricultural community. People would harvest and essentially give gratitude to God for his blessings. In the past, different tribes used to observe Kut in their separate ways. 

However, soon they realized that the young generation was disconnected from the festival. Therefore, now people gather together to celebrate Kut as a collective communal celebration. 

Chavang Kut was first celebrated in 1979 in Keithelmanb as a state-level program. 

The authority responsible for the festival arrangement tries to include various cultural events so that all the tribes can participate in the program and know their roots.  

How to Celebrate Kut?

Do you know what Chevang Kut means? It means Autumn(Chevnag), Harvest(Kut). In the past, the celebration of the Kut festival was the announcement of the ending of a good harvesting season, and the event used to last for a few days while maintaining different rituals. 

Chevang Kut is such a bright, energetic, and mesmerizing display of different cultures that even tourists participate in the celebration. If you want to know more about how the festival of Kut proceeds and how it changed from ancient rituals to recent events, continue reading. 

1. Rituals from the Past

The tribes observed this festival to show their gratitude to mother nature. They used to perform different rituals, offer part of their harvest to the deity, make rice beer (traditionally known as Ju) and try to celebrate the joy with singing and dancing.

After completing the necessary rituals, the village priest gathered the locals and villagers to distribute the Ju as a token of a promising offering from the deity. 

Some of the ancient and traditional rituals are still maintained with proper respect in the present. 

2. Colorful Cultural Events

Since 1979, Chavang Kut has been celebrated as a state-level program. In the program, one of the main events is the cultural event. 

The cultural event becomes more vibrant and colorful when different cultural groups perform the tribal folk dance with songs. Both the male and females of each ethnic tribe wear their traditional handloom dresses. 

Kut festival has become a platform for harnessing peace and harmony between all the tribes that they cherish with all their heart. 

3. Magnificent Feasts

With the harvested crops, the tribal women make dishes, and the event becomes a center of joy with the extraordinary feast where everyone participates. 

The core theme of celebrating Kut was thanking the deity for the crops after the struggles the farmers had to face. Therefore, the feast is significant and represents how hard work can bring a sound feast.  

4. Connecting the Young Generation

Traditional cultural events can often seem boring to the young generation. So, to keep the descendants in the loop and teach them how to carry the culture, the organization committee tries its best. 

Keeping the young generation in mind, the organizers arrange the Beauty pageant for girls at every Kut festival. Even though the beauty contest is controversial to many people, the organizers believe they are honoring the women’s contribution to the community through the pageant.  

All the ladies wear their traditional attire during the event and perform dance and singing, whereas the boys participate in various games and singing contests. The spectacular performances draw more tourists each year. 

Countries that Observe Kut Festival

Kut is a cultural program that represents the religious aspiration and cultural connection of the Kuki-Chin-Mizo tribe who resides in Manipur and any place all over the world. 

As it is a grand celebration of Manipur, India, there is not much cultural involvement from any other country. However, those who live outside Manipur but have an origin of the tribe celebrate this day regardless of where they live.

Interesting Facts about Kut

The Chin-Kuki-Mizo community waits for the Chevang Kut in Manipur. Paddy Kut brings the freshness of the Autumn season and the goodness of newly harvested crops to every household, along with peace and unity. 

Now it’s time for you to know the interesting facts about the Kut festival. 

  • There are other types of Kut festivals other than Chevang Kut. They are Chapchar Kut, Mim Kut, and Pawl Kut. 
  • In Kut, people dance in Lamkol folk dance and sing the Lakoila-Pu-la-Pu-la. 
  • Young boys participate in a game named Kangchol. 
  • The games select the most muscular man in the village. 
  • Miss Kut's contest is a form of showing women empowerment. 
  • The bamboo dance is called the Thang-Ta dance.

Unique Kut Celebration Ideas

With the impact of various cultures, the event has changed over time. The primary focus of Chavang Kut is the display of the tribes’ traditional clothing and cultural dances. 

The tribes honor their deity, despite the absence of written or rigid rules. Therefore, you can celebrate the Kut festival in your unique way. 

1. A Pageant for Boys

Chavang Kut celebration only includes a beauty pageant for the girls only. If you are a boy and want to participate in such a competition, you can ask the authority to arrange one.

2. Community Services

The young generation should take all the initiative so that all the people can participate in the celebration. In every community, the young adults should check up on every family whether they are celebrating the harvest festival and help them if needed. 

Kut Festival Quotes

Apart from the cultural programs of Chavang Kut,  you may also want to wish your friends and family an auspicious day. So, here are some quotes about the Kut festival:

“Heartiest greetings to everyone in Manipur who is celebrating the auspicious occasion of Kut. Chavang Kut marks the end of the harvesting season and thanks the Almighty for an abundant harvest. May the festival bring greater love & oneness amongst all communities in the state.”- Chief Minister, Manipur

“Happy Chavang Kut to the Kuki-Chin-Mizo communities. Wishing you a prosperous harvest. May peace and happiness fill your lives and homes.”- Nagaland, Chief Minister

“Warm greetings on the occasion of the post-harvesting festival of Chavang Kut. The celebration is a reminder of our roots and diversity and to retain and promote the tradition and cultural values. It is also a time to come together and spread the message of love, peace, and unity.” - BJP State President


1. Which month is the Kut festival celebrated?

Kut festival is celebrated yearly at the end of every harvesting season in November.

2. What is the main festival of Manipur?

Lui Ngai Ni is the main festival of Manipur. This festival is celebrated at the beginning of the seed-sowing season. 

3. What is observed on the last day of Mim Kut?

On the last day of the Mim Kut or Maize Festival, the people of Manipur celebrate the harvest by dancing, singing, and drinking rice beer with feasts. 

4. Why is Manipur famous?

Manipur is famous for its spectacular natural view and enriched cultural past. Raas Lila ( a form of classical dance) and Modern Polo are worth mentioning to address their artistic interests.

Kut Observances

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday Type
2022Tue01 NovKut Non Public
2023Wed01 NovKut Non Public
2024Fri01 NovKut Non Public
2025Sat01 NovKut Non Public
2026Sun01 NovKut Non Public

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