Constitution Day in Denmark

Constitution Day Denmark

What is Denmark’s Constitution Day?

Denmark’s Constitution Day or Grundlovsdag commemorates the signing of the first constitution by King Frederik the VII in 1849 and the currently signed constitution in 1953, which took place on the same date, June 5.

Denmark does not have an official National Day, so the Danish people treat the day like one. The Danish Constitution Day is also not a public holiday; however, they do love celebrating it by raising the national flag, speeches from political members, church gatherings, etc. Aside from marking the official Danish constitution, the day also celebrates Danish Democracy.

Denmark’s Constitution Day All Quick Overview

  • Time / Date: June 5
  • Category: Federal
  • Where It’s Marked: Denmark
  • Why It’s Marked: The day marks the signing of the Constitution of Denmark along with four amendments which took place on the same date but in their respective years.

History of Denmark’s Constitution Day

Denmark rejoices in its Constitution Day, giving them freedom and new hopes to live in the country.

Denmark had to spend 189 years (1660-1849) under an absolute monarchy, which ended in 1849 when King Frederick VII signed the first constitution. With that signature, the monarchy's rule ended, allowing the exercise of power through a more democratic frame.

In 1866, Denmark again revised the constitution. In 1915, the government again edited the official constitution to include women's rights after the Women’s Suffrage Movement. After that, the Denmark government amended the constitution two more times, in 1920 and 1953. Since the last amendment, the constitution didn't change, but the government updates the clauses and any new additions to the constitution now and then.

Denmark's constitution has seen everything from allowing women to inherit the monarchy to lowering the number of female votes (45% to 40%) required to modify the constitution. Coincidentally, all the Danish Constitution updates or amendments happened on June 5, although different years. The last revision made Denmark's parliament unicameral.

June 5 marks a significant day in Denmark, Constitution Day, because it forever changed the country’s history. It’s a bummer that it is not an official holiday, but that doesn’t mean people can’t participate in the merriment.

How to Celebrate Denmark’s Constitution Day

It is impossible to believe that such an important day in Denmark isn't a public holiday. But, many employers have been giving half-days since 1891. Then in 1975, Labor Collective Agreements gave workers and employees half-day or a holiday off work to enjoy Constitution Day. Also, stores that don't generate 34.9 million kroner can't stay open.

Aside from that, Denmark celebrates the day with church congregations, political associations, and Secular Services organizations. Raising the Danish flag (Dannebrog), political members addressing different topics, and open, collective singing is all part of the "secular services."

People also gather in public parks or places for udendørsarrangementer (open-air gatherings) to enjoy a joyous time with friends and family. The sites also usually have beer and pølser (hotdogs) to quench thirst and fulfill your hunger. The combination is quite fitting for a typical hot Scandinavian June Weather.

Countries that Observe Constitution Day

Denmark observes Constitution Day every year.

Interesting Facts about Denmark’s Constitution Day

Do you want to know something interesting? Here are some interesting facts about Denmark that you might not know about.

  • Nina Bang, Minister of Education of Denmark, became the first female minister in the world in 1924. Her presence was internationally recognized.
  • Did you know Denmark is the happiest country in the whole world? Unbelievable but true. According to the UN World Happiness Report, Denmark always comes first in happiness percentage.
  • In 1989, Denmark made same-sex partnerships legal, which later led to the legalization of same-sex marriage in 2012.
  • Do you know where the name “Bluetooth” came from? Well, the device, or now an application, is named after Denmark’s second king, King Harold Bluetooth.
  • The Danish flag came into Denmark’s custody during the 1219 Battle of Lyndanisse. It is the oldest flag in the world that hasn’t been altered and is still in use.
  • Kronborg Castle, Jelling Monuments, and Roskilde Cathedral are all listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage.
  • Don't take Danish people as rude if they don't say "please," because, in their language, they don't have the word "please."
  • Denmark invented handball in 1897.
  • The Great Dane dog breed is not from Denmark. It is actually from Germany, although its name says otherwise.

Unique Constitution Day Celebration Ideas

If you want to join the Danish celebrations of Constitution Day, here are some great ideas to get involved with the Danes.

  • You can try traveling to Denmark on that day. It’s a great country and provenly also the happiest. Join in the merriments of the day because the Danish people are more than happy to welcome visitors.
  • Learn about the history of Denmark. Denmark is rich in its cultural and historical heritage. Read some books, travel blogs, or talk to a Danish friend to help you learn more about their culture.
  • Denmark has mouthwatering delicacies that you can try making on this day. For example, whip yourself up someStegt flæsk’ or pølser or, even better, both! Invite your friends over and have a small gathering with great food and, of course, beer.
  • If you have an Embassy of Denmark in your country, you can join their ceremonial services, known as Secular Services.

Constitution Day Quotes

We have you covered if you are looking for Constitution Day wishes.

“Constitution forms a backbone of our country, and on the occasion of Constitution Day, we must thank all those who gave us such a strong constitution.”

“Today, as we celebrate the Citizenship Day, we must promise to contribute towards the growth and prosperity of our country as responsible citizens.”

“Full participation in government and society has been a basic right of the country, symbolizing the full citizenship and equal protection for all” – Charles B. Rangel

“Constitution is not a mere lawyers document, it is a vehicle of Life, and its spirit is always the spirit of Age.” - Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar


1. Why is Constitution Day treated as National Day in Denmark?

Denmark doesn't have an official National Day, and as Constitution Day is a historical event, it is also marked National Day.

2. Why is June 5 Constitution Day?

From the original Danish constitution to the later four amendments, all were signed on the same date, June 5. Thus, it became Denmark's Constitution Day.

3. Does Denmark have an Independence Day?

No, Denmark doesn’t have an Independence day because they weren’t ever really occupied by a country.

Constitution Day Observances

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday Type
2022Sun05 JunConstitution Day Non Public
2023Mon05 JunConstitution Day Non Public
2024Wed05 JunConstitution Day Non Public
2025Thu05 JunConstitution Day Non Public
2026Fri05 JunConstitution Day Non Public

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