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orthodox easter day
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What is Orthodox Easter Day

Orthodox Easter Day is a holy occasion and the primary holiday of Eastern Christian churches, often known as orthodox churches. It occurs mainly on Sunday following the initial supermoon following Passover.

Orthodox Easter All Quick Overview

  • Category: Religious
  • Where it’s Marked: Globally
  • Why it’s Marked: Easter is calculated by the Orthodox church using the Julian calendar, which frequently causes Orthodox Easter to happen, then Easter celebrated internationally eventually.

History of Orthodox Easter Day

The initial Sunday following supermoon that occurs upon or after the March equinox is designated as Easter by the Nicaea Council in 325 CE. The Easter date was therefore determined by using the religious computation of the March equinox. If the supermoon occurs on Sunday, Easter is moved back a week, lessening the likelihood that it will coincide with the Jewish Passover.

Resurrection is not observed by all Christian churches on the Gregorian calendar. Nevertheless, today, Easter is celebrated by plenty of Orthodox churches using the Julian calendar. An astronomical error caused the rival periods' discrepancies. This timing of Easter was changed as the Gregorian calendar's primary objective.

Several changes to the celebrations calendar have indeed been recommended. The World Council of Congregations resolved in 1997 to address the Easter timing discrepancy across Gregorian and Julian calendar-observing religious institutions. Such a solution is yet to be put into practice.

How to celebrate Orthodox Easter Day

How to celebrate Orthodox Easter

Throughout Eastern Religion, Holy Lent, a 40-day period of abstinence and consciousness that begins upon Clean Monday and concludes on Lazarus Saturday, serves as the psychological prelude to festivities.

During Holy Saturday, the final day until Holy Week, and the preceding overnight Easter, numerous Eastern Orthodox churches hold a Paschal Vigil that concludes sometime before nightfall. 15 Old Testament readings are introduced during the Holy Vigil ceremonies. Lantern processions and outdoor churches frequently mark Sunday evenings.

The significant ceremonies of the liturgical season are some introductory commemorations of Christian belief. A quick recited devotional session called Paschal Hours celebrates Easter's gladness. Additionally, a fellowship or Eucharist ritual is the Paschal Divine Liturgy.

Countries that observe Orthodox Easter Day

Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, the Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Russia, and Ukraine are among the nations that formally recognize the traditional Orthodox Easter season. In countries like Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States, official government holidays for the Orthodox Easter celebration do not exist. Nonetheless, it is an opportunity for Orthodox Christian relatives and loved ones to reunite and embrace the season. 

Although far too many Orthodox Christians worldwide are working to have Easter recognized as a joyous occasion, it is not currently. Campaigns ask the Jordanian authorities to declare Orthodox Easter as a celebrated holiday. Approximately 6% of Jordan's six million residents are Christians, compared to the entire demographic.

Interesting Facts about Orthodox Easter Day

Apart from the traditions and festivities of the great festival, we figured there are some exciting facts one should have basic knowledge about regarding Orthodox Easter Day. Without further ado, let us proceed to them. 

  • Following the Resurrection Service at nightfall, Greek Orthodox believers typically split their diet.
  • Orthodox Christians have a tradition of exchanging the Passover salutation among themselves throughout the Lenten season. 
  • Communities of Serbian Orthodox Christians typically start the celebration within a week of Easter Public worship.
  • The lovely image booklet Catherine's Pascha by Charlotte Riggle explores the unique customs of an Orthodox Easter observance from the perspective of a little child.
  • Even though households continue to be preoccupied with laying the groundwork for the Resurrection supper, Holy Saturday represents a day of severe abstinence for Russian Orthodox Christians.

Unique Orthodox Easter Day Celebration Ideas

Unique Orthodox Easter Day

Whether you’re celebrating at home or in a foreign country, we have some fantastic ideas for you to commemorate this traditional holiday. 

1. Create DIY Lamps

Picked cuttings from balcony flora or gathered externally, tied together using some primitive thread. In addition to vegetation with robust foliage, ingredients like rosemary and thyme usually support effectively over the weekend, whereas plantings may expire immediately.

2. Accessorize Eggs 

One can also produce realistic and distinctive inflorescence arrangements. To generate patterns, attach flexible zip ties around eggs before submerging them in the dye. It's also possible to compress wildflowers across eggs and firmly hold them in a particular position before actually plunging, utilizing a section of nylon knotted securely. 

Orthodox Easter Day Quotes 

Here are some direct verses from the Bible, which we have quoted for you to help you understand the concept of Orthodox Easter. Make sure to check out more if the following combinations intrigue you. 

“But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” - Romans 5:8

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. “ - John 3:16

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. “ - 1 Peter 1:3


1. How is the Orthodox Easter Day determined?

Immediately following the March quarter, during or following the inaugural Sunday following the very first supermoon.

2. Does Orthodox Easter coincide with Easter in the Catholic Church?

Contingent on the congregation visitor attending, Easter is still observed on one of the specified dates. When the schedules are favorable, Easter is occasionally celebrated conjointly.

Orthodox Easter Day Observances

2021Sunday02 MayOrthodox Easter Day
2022Sunday24 AprilOrthodox Easter Day
2023Sunday16 AprilOrthodox Easter Day
2024Sunday05 MayOrthodox Easter Day
2025Sunday20 AprilOrthodox Easter Day
2026Sunday12 AprilOrthodox Easter Day

We constantly update the dates of holidays that keep changing every year. However, while we revise and change some dates to be accurate, if you find any errors, kindly inform us . That will mean a lot to us.

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