Candlemas Day - February 02, 2023

Candlemas 2021
Last Updated on: 24 Oct 2022

What is Candlemas 2021

Christian doctrine commemorates the Virgin Mary's refinement, the presentation of young infant Jesus, and Jesus' inaugural entrance inside the church.

Candlemas 2021 All Quick Overview

  • Time/Date: February 2
  • Category: Religious 
  • Where it’s Marked: Globally
  • Why it’s Marked: Per Jewish law, the event recalls the visit of the Virgin Mary to the Temple located in Jerusalem 40 days following the birth of her infant, Jesus, to be sanctified and to offer him to the Lord as her oldest. 

History of Candlemas 2021

Jesus' formative years are the main subject of Candlemas. Several believers think that following Jesus' mother, Mary observed the customary 40-day interval of cleanliness, and she offered the baby to God at the sanctuary in Jerusalem.

A Hebrew gentleman titled Simeon reportedly cradled the infant in his bosom and declared promised he might be a brightness among the Gentiles in a Holy Testament narrative account. This occasion is known as Candlemas as a result.

Several accounts claim that Christians celebrated Candlemas in Palestine as early as the fourth century, and candlelight burning didn't start until the fifth. Lantern blessings have been a part of Candlemas celebrations throughout the 11th century.

A commemoration of the Presentation was celebrated in a monastery in Jerusalem, according to an ancient document from approximately 380 CE. The banquet was honored on February 2.

How to celebrate Candlemas 2021

Believers bring lamps to service on this occasion to be divine, and those who enjoy sweets may also indulge in crepes. In other parts of the globe, individuals consume food made of maize or look for groundhogs coming out of dormancy.

Countries that observe Candlemas 2021

This auspicious holiday is celebrated in many parts of the world through various rituals and ceremonies. Let us now look at how the different nations worldwide expect their day to be for this occasion. 

1. United States

During Candlemas Night in the 1880s, a group of mates in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, started hunting for groundhogs in the forests. That excursion evolved into a yearly event, earning the group the "Punxsutawney Groundhog Club" from a regional magazine editor.

2. Puerto Rico

The "Virgen de la Candelaria" sculpture is hoisted on backpacks during a parade in Puerto Rico as part of the celebrations. Several continue carrying glowing candles before arriving at a cathedral where Mass is being said. Midnight celebrations include chanting around a massive campfire.

3. Mexico

A significant Mexican ritual is the costuming and adoration of the infant Jesus, and community feasts with tamales. Such events are celebrated exclusively in Mexico yet, especially in Mexican neighborhoods throughout the globe.

4. Luxembourg

Participants perform standard hymns, notably "Léiwer Härgottsblieschen," as youngsters make their way around the neighborhoods in compact batches. In the daytime or dusk, they brandish a lit torch or handcrafted scepter and scream them at every residence or shop. People expect compensation like candy or spare change.

5. France, Belgium, and Swiss Romandy

Candlemas could be observed by lighting every lantern in the home. According to customs, manger figures shouldn't be stored before Candlemas, the final meal of the Holiday season. 

It's additionally stated that pancakes symbolize the rebirth of Springtime amid the gloom and harshness of wintertime because of their spherical form and brilliant tint that evoke the celestial ring.

Interesting Facts about Candlemas 2021

Candlemas Day

Now let us lean onto discovering some yet unearthed facts about this special occasion of Candlemass. Are you ready? 

  • It is known as Candlemas since all lanterns burnt in churches throughout the season are precious on one day. 
  • Considering there existed no artificial lighting back then, candlesticks were essential. Several communities believed that using candles would protect them from the plague, disease, and starvation. 
  • Jewish law stipulates that a woman must wait 40 days for a son to be born and 60 days for a girl before going to the sanctuary to perform prayers. 
  • Until the advent of Christianity, individuals used to consume candles at the median betwixt the December equinox and the Springtime revolution to ward against misfortune during the gloomy wintertime months.
  • Due to their propensity to blossom prematurely, especially preceding Candlemas, snowdrops are sometimes known as Candlemas Bells. Mythology holds that a fairy assisted in the blossoming of magnificent Candlemas bells and directed flowers toward Eve as a symbol of optimism. At the same time, she cried about the darkness and mortality that had inhabited the earth.

Unique Candlemas 2021 Celebration Ideas 

There is a handful of customary Candlemas celebration ideas. 

1. Congratulate the Groundhog

Unbelievably, there is a connection between the various celebrations. At Candlemas, a rodent dubbed Phil emerges from his annual shelter and attempts never to become excessively alarmed by his shadow. This occasion coincidentally appears to commemorate Groundhog Day

2. Visit Mass to witness the Procession. 

Look for a congregation that holds a Communion featuring a full candle illumination and demonstration. It's a lovely tradition that resonates with kids' imaginations. 

3. Consume crepes

A familial gathering is ideal, including everyone cooking their crepes and competing to determine who could rotate them with the skillet the utmost elegantly before smashing them.

4. Garner Flowers

Decorate your dining room using the Galanthus flower; remember not to pluck them before the day of Candle since it’s considered inauspicious. 

Candlemas 2021 Quotes 

Instances of famous Candlemas poetry from several of the finest and foremost renowned contemporary and ancient authors are provided here.

“Seek and serve them where they bide, From Candlemas to Christmas-tide, For these simples, used aright, Can restore a failing sight.” - Rudyard Kipling

“Thus times do shift; each thing his turn does hold; New things succeed, as former things grow old.” - Robert Herrick


1. Is it okay to keep the Christmas ornaments remain until Candlemas? 

One could keep decorations lit through Candlemas and explain that they carry a long-standing custom.

2. What are the other customary names Candlemass known as?

The celebration can also be recognized as Presentation of the Lord or a Presentation of Christ in the Temple or Hypapante. 

3. What is the myth surrounding the eve of Candlemass?

The believers thought that if all remnants of berries, holly, and other plants weren't eliminated, one of the church members might pass away once the year ended.

Candlemas Day Observances

Year Weekday Date Name
2021 Tuesday 02 February Candlemas Day
2022 Wednesday 02 February Candlemas Day
2023 Thursday 02 February Candlemas Day
2024 Friday 02 February Candlemas Day
2025 Sunday 02 February Candlemas Day
2026 Monday 02 February Candlemas Day

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