Canada Day in Canada

Canada Day

What is Canada Day?

 On July 1, the glorious country of Canada was founded. Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick became one country after ratifying the Constitution Act of 1867.

On Canada Day, the citizens of Canada celebrate the diversity, richness, contributions, and, most importantly, the people of Canada. Since 1868, July 1 has served as an occasion for all Canadians to join. 

Canada Day - All Quick Overview

  • Time / Date: July 1
  • Category: Federal
  • Where It’s Marked: Canada
  • Why It’s Marked: The day commemorates the anniversary of the 1867 Constitution Act, which made Canada out of three separate territories into a single country.

The History of Canada Day

In 1868, Governor General Lord Monck made a proclamation that requested July 1 be observed by all of Her Majesty's subjects residing in Canada. The provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Canada were combined into one large nation via the Constitution Act of 1867. However, the Canadian province eventually died and was split into Ontario and Quebec. All of Canada was given a new name.

The "Anniversary of Confederation," later renamed "Dominion Day" in 1879, was designated as a statutory holiday on July 1 by a statute passed at the federal level.

"Dominion Day" officially became “Canada Day” in 1892, and this day has been celebrated with the utmost festivity ever since.

How to Celebrate Canada Day

Like the 4th of July in the US, Canada Day is Canada's most widely celebrated day! People take great pleasure in, fervor for, and enthusiasm for celebrating Canada Day. Being a Canadian is the main topic of celebration on this day.

Parades and flag-waving events are planned in numerous Canadian cities, towns, and villages. The uniformed Canadian officers engage in musical rides and drills.

People are having a great time participating in organized sports, music, dancing, and fireworks displays. On this day, people also sing "O Canada," Canada's national anthem. 

The largest Canada Day celebrations are often held in Ottawa, the nation's capital, in front of the Parliament Building.

In recent years, a controversy has been boiling overwhy you shouldn't be celebrating Canada Day! The controversy claims Canada was built on the murder, colonization, and subjugation of the land's original inhabitants.

Countries that Observe Canada Day

The national holiday of Canada is celebrated in Canada. Canadians all over the world also take part in the celebration.

Interesting Facts About Canada Day

  • Canada celebrated its 150th birthday in 2017.
  • When July 1 falls on a Sunday, it is observed the next day!
  • Though hockey is Canada's national sport, basketball was invented by a Canadian!
  • Canada has two official languages, French and English.
  • Canada is Santa's Home! The North Pole, which is in Canada, is known to be the residence of Santa Claus! 

Unique Canada Day Celebration Ideas

Even though there are many stereotypes about what Canadian culture is, because of Canada's proud identity as a multicultural nation, there is a far greater selection of delectable meals available for Canadians to celebrate the big day.

Canada Day is the one day of the year when you have complete freedom to go wildly Canadian! Some of the ideas to celebrate the day might be, 

1. Desserts Save Canada Day!

Celebrate Canada Day with a variety of patriotic foods. From red and white to maple and classic Canadian desserts, you'll be inspired to celebrate Canada Day in style! Besides, who’s going to say no to cookies? The range of desserts can go as far as your heart wishes. From Brownies to Strawberry Yoghurt Popsicles, or from Moose Farts to Tim Tarts! 

Don’t forget to give it your Canadian touch by decorating it with red and white sprinkles, or better yet, pour some maple syrup!

2. Canadian-themed Picnic and Potluck Can Never Go Wrong!

Do your friends from other parts of the world think you drizzle maple syrup on everything, even savory dishes? Well, don’t you worry! 

This Canada Day, surprise your friends and family by arranging a Canada-themed picnic and potluck where you can prepare some delicious savory dishes with maple syrup and make them fans of maple!

3. Partying Like a True Canadian!

This Canada Day, live up to your true Canadian spirit and party the whole day with your loved ones! You can choose any activity of your choice to celebrate the day with your friends and family. Some ideas might be, 

(a) Quiz Contest

Quizzes are always fun! With just a few hours of web research, you can create a complex set of trivia questions that will stump even the most ardent Canadians! Make the questions either multiple choice or true or false to ensure players have an equal chance of winning. 

(b) Canadian Karaoke 

Hire a karaoke machine and invite partygoers to take the stage to sing along to some of their preferred Canadian songs. You can make personalized playlists that can be downloaded in karaoke format on a number of websites.

(c) Scavenger Hunt

Construct a treasure map with puzzles and facts about Canada that directs players on a quest for amusing Made in Canada gifts and prizes. The size of the map area may be as small as your garden or as large as your city.

Canada Day Quotes

Canada Day is about celebrating the nation's birthday and your own heritage as a proud Canadian. Proud Canadians never hold back from praising their country. Some examples are: 

“I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country." This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind." - John G. Diefenbaker

It 's the time of year when Canadians mate.”Craig Ferguson


1. Is Canada Day a paid holiday in Canada?

Canada Day is a statutory holiday in Canada. It is a paid holiday for those who are eligible.

2. Is Canada Day like the 4th of July?

Canada Day is similar to the 4th of July as both holidays represent the national days of Canada and the US. Many of the 4th of July's customary events, including fireworks and concerts, is also celebrated on Canada Day.

3. Why wear orange on Canada Day?

Orange is a symbol of the generations-long erosion of Indigenous children's culture, freedom, and self-esteem. That is why Canadians wear orange on Canada Day.

Canada Day Observances

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday Type
2022Fri01 JulCanada DayPublic
2023Sat01 JulCanada DayPublic
2024Mon01 JulCanada DayPublic
2025Tue01 JulCanada DayPublic
2026Wed01 JulCanada DayPublic

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