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Substitute Teacher Interview Questions with Answers

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23 November 2022

Replacement schooling is a very satisfying and valuable professional option for professionals from many different calling areas. Anyone may establish their personally curated timetable as nothing more than a freelancer and take advantage of various training attainments while assisting kids. 

One doesn’t particularly need brilliant substitute teacher interview skills or great answers from the internet regarding teacher interview tips, the most honest and helpful advice our specialists would offer young enthusiasts looking for jobs in this field or work is to be themselves while answering interview questions for substitute teachers. 

Thus, sit tight as we navigate you through these articulate substitute teacher interview questions along with tips and tricks for absolutely acing them. 

Job Duties and Responsibilities

There’s no straightforward method for being a good substitute teacher. One may possess a comprehensive understanding of efficient pedagogical skills, which guarantees study for a rewarding career. 

With a solid grasp of English as a language, the perfect applicant possesses outstanding communication and leadership abilities. It is advised for an individual to have an overall idea of all the responsibilities mentioned below. 

  • Helping in challenges.
  • Setting an example for pupils.
  • Aiding the education, development, and progress of students.
  • Engaging in the protection, hygiene, and betterment of the students.
  • Increasing awareness, including several diverse subjects and a desire to become proficient in all facets of the curriculum.
  • Keeping an optimistic outlook on schooling, academic achievement, and individual and group career planning.
  • Possessing a strong sense of confidence and courage, retaking responsibility for assessment tasks of the pupils, and acting as a spokesperson for individuals.
  • Operating seamlessly within the framework of an educational system that is already in place and has faith in the pupils' potential.
  • Showing an aptitude for swiftly picking up new information, communicating, and simultaneously following rules and procedures in the classroom.
  • Implementing differentiated instruction through the professor's education and the coursework in the classroom. 
  • Learning about safety procedures such as detentions and fire sprinklers. 
  • Obeying the lecture instructor's directions for the homework assignment, or making your instructional strategies if there is yet to be one created. 
  • Noting down student daily class attendance in conformity with the policy.   
  • Enhancing instructional strategies with personal in-class initiatives if classes conclude abruptly.
  • Filling out documentation containing information on dropouts, direct instruction accomplishment, disciplinary proceedings, negative encounters, and anything.

Primary Expertise Requirements for a Substitute Teacher 

Substitute Teacher Interview Questions

Before handing out teacher interview tips and hacks, a candidate needs to have the necessities noted down and go through the job, as mentioned earlier. Afterward, curating them according to an individual personality and presenting them gracefully in front of the interview panel in interview questions for substitute teachers should be just a piece of cake for the aspirant.

1. Standards for Training, Employment, and Certification 

  • A prior formal training.
  • An undergraduate or graduate doctorate, especially in education or a highly associated discipline. 
  • Familiarity with instructing recently or engaging in plenty of other fundamental instruction-related activities is preferable; established understanding of contemporary classroom practices.

2. Qualities and Attributes

  • Understanding of teaching strategies that are suitable for pupils in the relevant grades. 
  • Motivation and capacity to collaborate among children at designated age categories from all ethnicities and competencies to achieve desired academic objectives. 
  • Capacity to control medium and large numbers of learners in an instructional context, plan projects and multitask to fulfill a variety of constraints, and maintain communication with pupils, particularly on meaningful and personal themes. 
  • Solid understanding of the computer, emailing, desktop publishing, demonstration, office applications, and special equipment.
  • Knowledge of using technology in the classroom to improve academic achievement. 
  • Practical familiarity with a variety of workplace and multimedia tools.

Substitute Teacher Interview Questions and Answers

In this section, we will look at more than what meets the eye. If you’re guessing what that means, your confusion will be cleared up now. Rather than basic questions such as “tell me about yourself teacher interview,” we will present anecdotal and scenario-based questions to help our candidates identify and practice some of the most challenging interview questions for substitute teachers to date. 

Question#1: What makes someone desire to work as a replacement educator?

Sample Answer: I've always been my favorite client. I entered university as a former elementary tutor. The kids are already developed, and I plan to progress toward a teaching certificate.

Question#2: Which academic qualifications do you have? 

Sample Answer: Within the nearby parish, I've been instructing seventh-graders in junior school for approximately ten years. I've spent around three years attending university, including an early childcare concentration. I intend to complete my bachelor's degree by resuming my education.

Question#3: What system do you employ to keep the peace in a school environment? 

Sample Answer: Temperament and energy detection are crucial. I prefer to switch up the strategy and divert the kids if they get rambunctious. When studying, we pause and start conversing. I like to settle folks away if our conversation becomes uncomfortably intense.

Question#4: What response would you make to mistreatment in teaching?

Sample Answer: There is a zero-tolerance attitude at the institution, according to my research on the matter. 

That implies that if we cannot stop an occurrence whenever it occurs, I shall send an individual initiator or, unless I am unable to determine who initiated the altercation, either party to the headquarters as soon as I'm fully informed of that.

Question#5: Please describe the various approaches to studying and offer guidance regarding how to deal with companions. 

Sample Answer: Various educational modes include physical, acoustic, and pictorial. Individuals commonly react between one technique more, though. For every youngster to have an opportunity to realize, it's indeed crucial to have all trio in the session. 

A communicative approach is experiential and even sometimes offers hands-on understanding. Presenting students with the information graphically allows them to visualize it. By using audio, we comprehend delivering the instruction so the audience will receive and understand it. 

Because performing a session in person is not practical, collecting records might be used instead of attending a lecture. I do, however, enjoy including cognitive lessons wherever it is functional.”

Question#6: Which topic would you appreciate and respect more than any other?

Sample Answer: I enjoy mathematics since it makes sense and has constant solutions. Several pupils, in my experience, become sure whenever students can immediately observe a solution. 

During my previous role, I established a mathematical society whereby we collaborated on difficult issues following class. The youngsters thoroughly liked addressing the issues with certain classmates but learning about various techniques to accomplish this.

Question#7: Discuss how you inspire.

Sample Answer: I think communication is fundamental to great management. I repeatedly ensure that my pupils are aware of all the requirements. 

For instance, I may inform the students of the various issues addressed in a lecture on numbers. Participants may then get ready ahead. I begin every subsequent portion this way. I also enjoy providing constructive criticism to ensure that everyone is aware of how they perform.

Question#8: Which issues do you believe replacement educators are now experiencing the most?

Sample Answer: Nowadays, communicating with kids’ college instructors is the largest problem confronting alternative instructors. I believe it's critical as alternative instructors to keep unlocked channels of communication with other educators so that they can understand the particular requirements of every kid. 

I typically contact the principal instructor during every session I attend for this purpose. I could learn further about the pupils in this manner before our next meeting.

Question#9: Are there any preparation suggestions for a job as a substitute teacher?

Sample Answer: I try to arrive at the office daily, so I may speak to the principal or manager before classes begin. Through this process, I can obtain any recent details about the course that would be useful throughout the day. 

To fully comprehend what the usual instructor was going to be imparting and to determine where I should modify, I preferred to go over their instructional strategies.

Question#10: Which personal traits are crucial for a suitable replacement tutor?

Sample Answer: Adaptability is, in my opinion, the most crucial characteristic of an effective replacement teacher. The ability to adjust swiftly to various settings and classes is a must for alternative instructors. I still have lecture ideas and tasks; therefore, I can adapt as necessary. 

I also think empathy is a crucial attribute. Communicating with pupils who aren't accustomed to watching someone is difficult, yet I understand well how to maintain my composure and feel relaxed around children.

Question#11: How would you deal with demanding workflows? 

Sample Answer: I taught three primary classrooms involving diverse grade levels during my most recent replacement educator. I received no assistance since the educational system was understaffed the same day. I nonetheless utilized my leadership skill to take much notice of the names and scores of every pupil. 

As required, I additionally assured to offer individual pupils my total focus. I was able to prevent anyone's workload from falling due to the above.

Question#12: What difficulties did you encounter when filling in?

Sample Answer: The greatest difficulty as an educator has been immediately becoming acquainted with my pupils. Before school starts, whenever I debuted filling in, I usually take some to get to know individual kids. After a few sessions, though, I realized that I was wasting crucial learning time on preliminaries instead of school matters. 

To address this issue, I built an interactive questionnaire that caregivers would complete so I might gather fundamental data on their youngsters ahead of the beginning of education. Therefore, as a consequence, I was able to skip greetings and go directly into the course.

Question#13: How can you organize classes if you're already unfamiliar with the pupils or the teaching methods? 

Sample Answer: Whenever I begin working as a substitute teacher at a charter university, I try to find out everything I can about others. Whenever I do not have enough opportunity to conduct an advanced study, I inquire about the material taught that morning and then review the professor's teaching strategies or materials to determine whether I could adapt anything to incorporate them into my curriculum design. 

The curriculum may change periodically depending on the pupils' ages or other considerations, but it keeps us launched while I come up with fresh content.

Question#14: How do you foster a productive community of learners in the courses?

Sample Answer: I think among the greatest ways to make certain that my children will play a significant role in the classroom is to develop exciting teaching material. Nearly every day, I attempt to include a practical learning task or exercise in the class so learners can apply innovative thoughts while enjoying life. 

Helping ensure all kids are at ease discussing things can be another method I use to keep a healthy classroom climate. I tell everyone to speak up whenever they require help.

Career Progression

Substitute Teacher Interview Questions

At this juncture, one might wonder if substitute teaching is a full-time job or if they will remain under the umbrella of part-time employment forever. We are here to tell you that with one’s excellent and relevant substitute teacher skills, it's possible to bag a full-time job rapidly in contemporary times. 

The instructor can also choose personal and professional objectives by looking at the job development on the professional roadmap.

1. Substitute Nurse

Only when a comprehensive physician is not present can a replacement health visitor fill in for them. Like a replacement, one could operate in several districts' campuses. They do tasks comparable to those undertaken by an entire medic at employment, such as evaluating pupils' fitness and attending to modest accidents. 

A classroom physician's duties could also entail assisting pupils with psychological, intellectual, or interpersonal difficulties and assessing and addressing medical concerns. If they believe there have been instances of exploitation or neglect, they might need to take action.

2. Substitute Support Staff

Throughout the event that a permanent member of the counsellors is not present, temporary assistance employees help the instructional instructor. They work as educational aides, special program faculty members, physical coordinators, and librarian receptionists, among other roles.

3. Substitute Custodian

Once the permanent caretakers are not working, temporary caretakers handle the maintenance duties. The employment goal is to guarantee that the workplace is clean, hygienic, attractive, and protected for every individual who frequents it. Membership covers pupils, faculty personnel, families, and sure campus guests. 

Keeping in mind specific cleanliness-related concerns rarely interfere with schoolwork is one more goal of the position. Temporary stewards are expected to follow strict guidelines supervised by the local school staff to maintain the environment's hygiene.

If you are still with me, a big hearty congratulations for your effort and patience. Let us now proceed toward the end of this article, and with that being said, we would like to highlight some critical pointers of questions to ask at the end of a teaching interview.

For example, they could be on more diversified topics like the one below we will discuss. So, keep an eye out for these tiny nooks and crannies that employers might catch you off guard if you are typically unaware of them. 

Several educational institutions around the nation need help to find replacement instructors. Employment in VOC rehab is frequently unstable, with hardly any salary and often no medical coverage. Among respective passing phases of the economic outlook, there are fewer replacement educators on the market. Institutions are searching for solutions to alternative problems due to stretched resources. 

Overcoming the lack of temporary staff is a significant problem that calls for extensive management agency and reorganization on a national scale and at provincial governments.

To have genuine employment rights, alternative instructors must receive a decent income, more variable pay leave, medical coverage, and massive contracts. Technological enhancements not only expand the supply of instructors but also raise the standard of supplementary education provided in schools.

Bringing in more deserving individuals from the public to institutions may be made possible by lowering the qualifying standards, but doing so carries the danger of entrusting the responsibility of youth to adults who have limited experience with managing classrooms, accommodating different types of learners, or caring for their intellectual well-being.

Pay Grade

Throughout the United States, a replacement teacher earns, on average, $14.93 per session before October. The wide variation throughout the median wage for temporary staff from $5.05 indicates there could be several prospects for potential growth and higher pricing depending on prior skillset, locality, and intellectual capacity.

At least five occupations in the paraeducator field offer higher annually than the average wage for the position. Notable instances of such situations are business instructors, interim principals, and part-time kindergarten teachers. It's crucial to note that the salaries for all of the above positions range from $34,054 to $56,443, exceeding the standard educator wage of $31,048 annually.  

 Reaching the end of the write-up, let’s focus on why you want to be a substitute teacher. We hope to have successfully answered all your queries as you begin to process and prepare for the big day of the interview while rummaging through the pointers noted in this article for their effective utilization. 

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