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Personal Trainer Interview Questions

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23 November 2022
Personal Trainer Interview Questions

If your goal is to work in the fitness industry, choosing a career as a personal trainer is a viable decision. Or even if you want to hire a personal trainer, you need to have a detailed understanding of their work. So we have highlighted this career idea in this article to know about their work or to get an idea about the responsibilities, skills, and career path of a personal trainer.

Who is a Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer is an individual who provides guidance and training for the physical and mental improvement of a client. The duties and responsibilities of a personal trainer lie in making everyone aware of the need for physical and mental improvement and encouraging them to pursue fitness. 

A personal trainer's main objective is to ensure people's physical fitness and work towards that goal. Therefore, we can consider the personal trainer profession is a noble and effective profession in our society.

Motivated trainers like their profession, seek to inspire individuals to get in shape, get healthy, lose weight, or feel better. A professional personal trainer does not guarantee fitness or exceptional results. For a personal trainer to work with them, the customer must agree to show up on time and follow the trainer's instructions.

Personal trainers need tools that help them establish a clientele. A self-employed or consulting personal trainer, like a craftsman, must perform a variety of activities.

What Does a Personal Trainer Do?

Personal trainers exercise the mind and body. They work out for themselves and motivate their clients to exercise. They give clients fitness maintenance advice using physical-training expertise.

Personal trainers also train clients in small groups or one-on-one. They teach clients how to improve their physical structure, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility. Personal trainers construct or modify fitness plans to help customers lose weight.

Personal trainers work 40-hour weeks. Gym owners can establish weekly workout programs. Some self-employed personal trainers have gym contracts. They may partner with gyms to attract customers.

Self-employed trainers set their own hours and are more flexible. For instance, some clients only want to train at 5:00 am, and in that case, they may need to pay more than the trainer's regular cost to get them (the trainer) to come at a time that is convenient for them (the client). 


  • Providing training through one-to-one sessions
  • Knowing about a client’s fitness target
  • Providing customized fitness training for clients
  • Teaching appropriate training methods and movements
  • Showing guidelines to improve fitness form
  • Providing safety measurements
  • Creating a good relationship with clients

Basic Skills Needed for a Personal Trainer Job

Working as a personal trainer is a responsible duty that retains some basic skills and competencies as essential parts of this job. A physical trainer must implement those skills during a physical training period. Otherwise, a client can face major difficulties during the workout. Here are some skills that a personal trainer job requires-

  • Job experiences as a personal trainer
  • Expertise in various fitness training programs 
  • Ability to train clients with proper guidance  
  • Flexibility
  • Communication skills
  • Certification, for instance: in CPR and first aid
  • Basic educational degree in a diploma or relevant field
  • Enthusiasm and encouragement

Common Questions Asked in the Interview for a Personal Trainee Job

Although the type and environment of each job interview are different, they all follow a specific format. And the personal trainer job interview is not an outside part of this format but is included.

Personal trainer job interviews usually do not follow any technical format; rather, these interview questions are action-based. However, an interviewer normally asks some specific questions based on a candidate's experience, skill, and educational background. Here we are showing some basic interview questions for the personal trainer job so that you can get ideas of what questions are asked and how to answer them.

Question#1: As a personal trainer, what are the first things you should discuss with a client?

(By asking this question, an interviewer will try to verify your basic skills as a personal trainer. The main task of personal trainers is to share the personal training plan with the client and collect information from them. So, the interviewer will want to find out these things in your answers.)

Sample Answer: In the first meeting with a client, I try to gather information about their daily routine, food habit, or do they have any physical issues or any history. I generate a written question-answer session on a form. The questions are based on their goals, motivation, and habits. Besides, I explain to them my roles and the training guidelines. 

Question#2:  If a client faces any physical issues like chronic pain, what will be your suggestion to them?

(As a personal trainer, you must know physical issues and their cure process. 

An interviewer might ask this question to learn about your skill in curing any physical issues. So you have to answer these types of questions with proper information so that you can provide appropriate guidelines for clients.)

Sample Answer: Chronic pain happens because sometimes our body muscles get weak and misaligned. To start therapy for this physical issue, I would suggest a client go through some physical tests. After analyzing the test results, I will let the client know my decisions regarding which training would be best for reducing this pain and also make him aware of his present physical condition.

Question#3: What strategy will you apply to find new clients?

(Sometimes, a personal trainer has to do marketing tasks for his organization. By asking this question, an interviewer will try to know your marketing skill for client admission into their center. Explain a technique that you find effective in this regard.)

Sample Answer: In my opinion, promotional activity is one of the most effective strategies to attract clients. This promotion can be executed through referrals. Usually, through this process, a good review of a training center is obtained, which makes clients interested in enrolling. Also, promoting on social media or any online platform can help us to get more clients.  

Question#4: What do you find most attractive about this job?

(An interviewer will look for candidates with the same vision and goals as the company. Therefore, your answer should include points that match the company's mission. You need to be bold with your answers and clearly describe the attractive parts of this job.)

Sample Answer: What I find the most exciting aspect of this profession is encouraging people to exercise. One of the motivations for my work is that I love to explain the benefits of exercise to people and provide them with the correct knowledge of exercise. I found that this business center also aims to motivate people for physical training with a similar mission and vision.

Question#5: How will you build a good relationship with clients?

(You must build rapport and an emotional connection to keep clients returning for personal training services. Hiring managers want to ensure that you can maintain client connections long-term.)

Sample Answer: Apart from the work objective, I always emphasize building a good personal relationship with the clients. I always try to keep track of them, find out about their physical condition, and see if they are facing any physical problems. Also, I always try to keep them motivated to take up physical training and work together to achieve their physical training goals.

Career Path for Personal Trainers

Nowadays, due to increasing awareness and interest in exercise among people, many job opportunities have been created for personal trainers. Due to increasing job opportunities for personal trainers in various types of government and private organizations, the job scope of this profession is expanding rapidly. Here we will show you some sectors where you can advance your career as a personal trainer.

  • High-end coaching
  • Manager of club or gym 
  • Owning a business or club
  • Clinical setting work
  • Consulting 

Also, you can work in the following positions in the fitness industry by pursuing this job as a career. These positions are-

  • General Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Fitness Director
  • Program Director
  • Personal Trainer Manager
  • Wellness Director

Current and Future Market Demand for Personal Trainers

Employees of health and fitness centers are allowed to use ESAs. Personal trainers at a health club usually get paid the same rate as their clients, which in this case would be $50 per hour. The arrangement is beneficial to both the company gym and the fitness instructor. The BLS predicts a 10% rise in the need for personal trainers between 2016 and 2026.

Numerous affluent older Americans would pay good money to have a personal trainer help them get in better shape.

As a self-employed professional, a personal trainer in a market where physical fitness is highly valued can make up to $100 an hour. Discipline and forethought are essential for success as a self-employed individual. Payments from customers, projected tax payments, personal expenditures, word-of-mouth advertising, and networking are all essential to the growth of a sole proprietorship.

Personal Trainer Salary Range

Personal trainers can expect to earn anywhere between 32-100K USD annually, with the majority earning an average of 64K USD annually.

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