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Graphic Designer Interview Questions

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23 November 2022
Graphic Designer Interview Questions

In order to land a job as a graphic designer, you need to have a degree, a polished creative resume, and work experience of a few years. And after getting an interview call, it is time for you to showcase your abilities in the graphic designer interview questions. 

It is expected that the in-house and agency interview pattern differs depending on the nature of the job. You need to have proper knowledge about the company or client to which you have applied for the job. It is better to do some research on brands and styles when preparing for an interview for an agency or client and companies for an in-house interview. 

We've included some of the most common interview questions and the appropriate solutions so you can ace the intimidating procedure.

What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

Graphic designers are masters of creating designs. They work for the print and digital media through these designs, representing a form of communication to create visual content to reach a potential customer.

A vital component of every business's success is a practical design. They excite and inform customers about the product by effectively appealingly communicating information. 

For some of the following sectors, graphic designers provide graphics and layouts:

  • Interfaces on webpages and applications
  • Books, periodicals, newspapers, and other printed materials
  • Commercials and advertisements for different media
  • Merchandise packaging design for the box the customer receives
  • Game consoles
  • Corporate branding, for example, logos, colors, and typography

Most of the time, graphic designers are found working in the following sectors:

  • Ad firms
  • Web design companies
  • Nonprofit institutions
  • Marketing Companies
  • Publishers in print and online
  • Both physical stores and online shops

Skills You Need to Become a Graphic Designer

A job in graphic design could be a good fit for you if you are free to experiment and have a sense of visually appealing design. Develop your visual design talent by acquiring a few more essential skills.

1. Educational Requirements

You need to complete your education in graphics design or related fields. Most companies demand to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. 

2. Additional Skills

You will need the following software skills to qualify for the interview and get a promotion in your job. 

  • Suite for Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Creative Cloud by Adobe
  • Adobe Indesign Photoshop
  • Adobe Creative Suite

And to work as a team in-house, these skills are must-have skills for any graphic designers. 

(a) Audience Targeting

It helps you identify and analyze who the design is intended to appeal to and why.

(b) Color Theory

Graphics designers follow several guidelines and rule books when creating an aesthetically pleasing work or visual effect. It is an important decision to make as the project needs to draw the attention of the consumer with the effects. So, a graphics designer has proper knowledge about the color palette to use. 

(c) Communication Skills

Communication skills are important in every sector, and graphic designing is one of them. If you cannot actively listen to your client, you will fail to receive and understand what they want as their desired product. Moreover, to collaborate on a project, you also need this skill. 

(d) CAD

You may construct intricate two- and three-dimensional designs with CAD software. InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Paintshop Pro, and Corel Graphics Suite are a few of the computer software tools used in graphic design.

(e) Sketching on Computer

Drawing on a computer allows you a creative freedom that drawing and coloring by hand cannot. You can swiftly make modifications to a design using sketching tools.

(f) Layout

It enables you to successfully modify a print page's or a screen's visual area to draw readers or visitors.

(g) Typeface Design

Using the appropriate types of font and typeface allows you to convey suitable, aesthetically beautiful stories and is simple to read.

(h) Web Development

You gain knowledge to design on several content management platforms through website creation. Understanding numerous programming languages, like HTML and CSS, can be beneficial, while it may only sometimes be required.

Common Questions Asked in the Interview for Graphic Designer

Experts in graphic design often say that the best way to ace a visual designer interview questions is to practice them independently. All you need to do is to find the common questions asked by the interviewer and try to say the answer. 

Practicing will make you answer rapidly and confidently if you face the same question during the interview. Here are some sample answers for the most asked questions.

Question#1: Tell us about your last assigned task. What did you learn from it?

Answer: This March, I will have worked in the graphic design industry for two years. My last assignment at my former company was a remodeling project for a confectionery company. They wanted to modernize their old packaging and logo. Because there are never two alike, I like it. I loved working on the project as I was a fan of their products as well. 

Question#2: What role does communication have in graphic design?

Sample Answer: Graphic design depends heavily on communication because that is the whole aim of design—to communicate with people. Any design's main goal is to effectively communicate ideas and messages to its target audience. A graphic designer ensures the consumer properly comprehends the design's goal.

Question#3: When did you initially decide you wanted to pursue a career in graphic design?

Sample Answer: We had a short course on basic graphics design in high school. That was when I first realized my interest is growing rapidly in this topic. With some of my friends, I had to design a logo and some calligraphy for a fictitious company. However, I never thought that I would work in this sector back then, as I didn’t have any background in learning computers extensively. 

Question#4: When making a design, what should the designer prioritize?

Sample Answer: Although I can't speak over all developers, I value content and user involvement. In my opinion, content greatly influences consumers, and design is nothing without the consumer.

As a result, I put a lot of effort into making designs with top-notch content that could be used to measure consumers.

Question#5: What will your life look like in five years?

Sample Answer: Right now, I want to work for a company where I can collaborate with smart, knowledgeable people. Later, I would like more authority over the artistic direction.

Question#6: What strengths and weaknesses make you stand out from the crowd?

Sample Answer: I have a good sense of curiosity, which helps me come up with fresh ideas or find solutions to minor problems before they grow into bigger ones. I'm also a good team player and can produce when given criticism.

But I struggle with time management, which is one of my weaknesses. I read many time management books and try to maintain organization because I recognize that meeting deadlines is essential to what I do.

Question#7: How would you respond to unfavorable comments from clients about one of your designs?

Sample Answer: You always want to provide the highest caliber work to represent your business and satisfy the client. Therefore, negative feedback is always discouraging.

Therefore, whenever I am in a position like this, I try to think about the client’s complaints and criticism and try to find out where I was wrong so that I do not make the same mistake again. I prefer to take their criticism as a motivation to work even better in the future.

Question#8: Do you prefer working alone or with others?

Sample Answer: When there is a deadline, I prefer to work alone. However, I discover that when I collaborate, my ideas are better as I get more support and workforce for the idea to make it a reality. In those cases, I will work with a team.

The Career Path of a Graphic Designer

You may face questions about your goals and ambitions in graphic design interview questions. To prepare to answer this question, you can follow the career path of a graphic designer below:

  • Be a graphic designer for 2-4 years 
  • Promote to the senior graphic designer after working for 2-4 years 
  • Promote to an adjunct graphic designer 
  • Promote to principal graphic designer and work for more than eight years to get promoted as a head graphic designer.

If you want to switch your career from being a graphic designer, you can follow the guidelines to know what to do with your graphic designer degree.

workstation of a graphic designer

Current and Future Career Demand for Graphic Designers

In 2021, the number of jobs for graphic designers was 265,000, according to the statistics

The expected growth in this field is somewhat dissatisfying in the upcoming decade. The demand may increase to 3%, which is lower than other occupations. 

There will be, however, 24,800 job opportunities from 2021 to 2031. Job opportunities will open due to retirement, changing careers, or moving from one state to another.

Salary Range of a Graphic Designer

A graphic designer can earn a modest salary over a year of work, as digital marketing is a growing industry. Annually, $50,710, with $24.38 per hour, is the average salary for a graphic designer.

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