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Cashier Interview Questions with Answers

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23 November 2022
cashier interview questions

Employers seek cashiers who are skilled with both money and people. You want to demonstrate that you are both while answering the cashier interview questions. 

Suppose you want to become a top cashier at your job. Typically, the cashier job position requires processing payments and providing clients with exceptional service. In that case, you will need to learn how to assist the customer while making a purchase, receiving calls or answering any queries the customer may have, and resolving any issues with complaints, cash management, and store credits. 

The job requires a cheerful public face for the business and a demonstration that you are amiable and dependable. You'll be many consumers' sole direct point of contact with the company, so you must leave a solid first impression.

Continue reading to learn the questions and interview tips for this post.

 What Does a Cashier Do?

cashier interview questions

The responsibilities of a cashier include receiving payment, providing receipts, wrapping gifts, and tracking all-cash transactions regarding the respective store. If you want to be a successful cashier, working in customer service and having experience handling cash registers is better.

The hiring manager may expect you to know the job responsibilities before asking the cashier interview questions. The hiring manager may expect you to see the job responsibilities before asking the cashier interview questions. 

Here are some additional job responsibilities a cashier has to perform. 

  • Calculating the cost of items 
  • Receiving payments
  • Calculating and giving back the change
  • Reconciling sales receipts and cash drawers 
  • Informing and answering customers’ queries 
  • Scanning the item (if needed) and bagging the products 
  • Having enough change in the cash drawer 
  • Following the hygiene protocol for the shop
  • Researching about the recent marketing promotion, information about new products and advertisements
  • Maintaining the checkout areas clean.
  • Being good at teamwork to meet monthly sales target 
  • Helping in arranging the items and charting the stock 
  • Handling complaints, exchanges, and return requests
  • Reporting the issues with any equipment in the store

Basic Skills Needed for Cashier

cashier interview questions

The store owner can start the interview by asking what about the cashier position interests you. However, the interview usually begins with fundamental questions about your educational requirements and skills. 

If you want to be a cashier, you must have an educational background. It is needed to apply for the position, and academic qualifications will tell your employer that you have the required primary education for the cashier position. 

After that, having experience will add value to your resume. Additionally, employers nowadays want soft skills in their candidates to deal with advanced software and machines. 

Let us inform you of the educational requirements first, and then we will know the soft skills that will get you the job:

1. Educational Qualification

There are no specific requirements for education in the job position of a cashier. However, most shop owners want a cashier who can calculate fast and has basic mathematics knowledge. You will find the following educational requirements in the job posting for a cashier:

  • High School Diploma Certificate 
  • GED Certificate 
  • Good grades in Economics and Mathematics 

These are the essential degrees you need to be a candidate for the cashier post. Furthermore, suppose you want to advance in this field or get into a different area related to store management. In that case, completing your Bachelor’s or equivalent associate's degree is better. 

Statistics show that among all the people working as cashiers, 46% of them hold a Bachelor’s degree.

2. Training Programs

Usually, after recruiting someone for the cashier position, the store manager or the head office of large chain shops organizes the training programs. They offer less training for stocking, inventory, and bagging. But there are specialized training programs for those who may need to do more work than being the cashier only. 

The training programs include:

  • Software training 
  • Resolving customer conflict
  • Managing the cash counter daily

Soft skills needed for the cashier position

  • Knowledge about the Product
  • POS Softwares 

3. Workplace Skills

One crucial skill to learn while working as a cashier is the POS or Point of Sales software. You may have to be skilled in startup-friendly software for small businesses and stores. However, proprietary software is needed for larger chain retailers. 

(a) Computer Skills

The computer skills you will need to be a cashier are mostly Microsoft Office and Excel. You will need the skills to enter payment digits, calculate, generate receipts, and confirm the payment is complete.  

(b) Mathematics Skills

There are a lot of customers coming to shop in a retail store. The register will help you to calculate the total amount of pay and how much money the customer will have as a change. However, you will need to be quick about counting the difference most of the time. 

(c) Working at a Fast Pace

If you have experience working as a retail store cashier, you should include that in your resume. You need to obtain the skills to work fast because your line may get too long, and there is a chance that you will lose customers. 

Also, being able to work fast means working under stress. In most restaurant interview questions for cashiers, it is often asked if the candidate can work fast in a chaotic situation with many people.

(d) Humble and Effective Communication 

A few institutions provide customer service or public speaking courses to help you communicate with people quickly and effectively. It is a good business strategy to treat your customers well so they can feel comfortable shopping with you and keep coming back for more service.

(e) Arranging and Providing Training

The hiring manager may want to learn that you have provided training in your previous job. The qualification depicts that you have the proper knowledge of your job and you are capable of leading other people if required. 

(f) Resolving Conflict 

You may face multiple situations where the customer wants to return the products or wants a refund. Your responsibility is to tell the customers about these rules before they leave the store. 

And even if they come back and cause a scene, most of the time, a cashier may have the duty to decide.  

(g) Perfect Detailing 

The cashier often needs to arrange the product, wrap it and give it to the customer. Therefore, the finished product is the packaged item that the cashier organizes with perfect detailing. 

(h) Multi-tasking 

When preparing the receipt for a customer, another customer may ask you for directions to a specific product. So, you need to learn how to multi-task. 

(i) Time-management

As a cashier, you need to have punctuality in your characteristics. The store may not open until you reach the store, as you will be the one handling cash and completing the payment process.

 Common Questions Asked in the Interview for the Cashier Position

cashier interview questions

Regardless of what job you are preparing for, it can be intimidating even for the most skilled candidate. However, you can ensure success if you decide to design your cashier interview questions meticulously. 

And for shop owners, their establishments’’ frontline role is the cashier. It is the cashier's responsibility to contact your customers directly and provide them with excellent client service because the quality of their service will ultimately leave a positive impression. So, when hiring a cashier, you should look for persons with the quality of interacting with customers directly.

Depending on the store you are applying to, the questions can differ. For example, cashiers at the gas station may face all kinds of math and additional questions as they sometimes need to manage both the store and the gas station. 

Question#1: What makes you think you would be an ideal cashier?

Answer: I've worked as a cashier in the past, and I liked it. I enjoy the constant opportunity to engage with new individuals, and I've mastered using a cash register.

 Question#2: What else have you interacted with customers?

Answer: I have interacted with customers by Email, Phone, Messaging, Traditional, and Self- service.

Question#3: What would you do if one of your coworkers is not doing their fair portion of the work?

Answer: I think having a good conversation about the matter is business etiquette. Being supportive and asking for the underlying issues that are causing problems can be an option to help them improve their workflow.

Question#4: How confident do you feel as a cashier taking money and giving change back?

Answer: I've been running a cash register for a few years and haven't had a problem with shortfalls or anything else. I think it's critical to treat money with sincerity.

Question#5: Tell us about your cash-handling experience.

Answer: I've dealt with various payments, including cash, cards, and cryptocurrency, reasonably. The previous location where I sold tickets was pretty modern, and they made an effort to give consumers various payment choices, which I thought was wise since some ethnic categories of the population still prefer cash. 

You may rest assured that I am good at math and won't have trouble returning the correct amount whenever anyone pays a fifty-dollar bill.

Question#6: You are given a $20 bill for a $5.52 order. In what way would you total the change?

Answer: I would calculate and take $14.48 out of the cash register by taking a 10-dollar bill, four 1-dollar bills, two dimes, a quarter, and three pennies.

Question#7: Give us a rundown of a regular day at your previous position. Which duties did you have?

Answer: I mainly work before the service starts. I must open the cash box to count and match it with the previous day's paper. After that, if I had to decide on changes to rearrange the products of the stop. And prepare the receipt to provide an excellent customer experience.

Question#8: How, in your view, will a cashier deliver the most satisfactory customer service?

Answer: In my opinion, a cashier can deliver excellent customer service by cheering up a customer to help find a dress, encouraging new customers with personalized video ads, operating online stores to reach more customers, and having the knowledge of what is present in the store to offer the customer. 

Question#9: What do you do on a slow working day? Which activities would you choose to do?

Answer: In the middle of a slow shift, I went to my boss and asked what chores I could carry out from my desk to support the team. She gave me several data entry tasks to complete to assist a customer care agent who was behind on calls that day. In between attending to the customers, I finished the task. 

Question#10: Tasks in this employment are repeated frequently. What keeps you motivated?

Answer: I can excel in jobs where I have to perform the same things repeatedly because I have an internal drive to do well. Additionally, I discover that operating as a cashier provides some variety throughout the day because I contact and converse with various clients. 

My role changes daily due to the unique needs that each consumer brings to the table. 

Question#11: Which POS software have you previously employed?

Answer: I have used Square, Shopify POS, Lightspeed Retail, and Vend by Lightspeed.

Question#12: Tell us about a moment when you and your boss disagreed about any opinion. What was the outcome of your decision?

Answer: I felt that the policy my supervisor articulated did not fit with the broader customer-focused culture of the store where I worked. I scheduled a private conversation with him, and he concurred that the policy might be changed to be more customer-focused. We collaborated to make changes.

Question#13: If you anticipated being significantly late for your shift, how would you handle it?

Answer: I will inform the store manager and tell him why I'm late. After that, I can suggest someone who can take over my responsibilities until I come.

Question#14: When will you request an ID from a customer attempting to buy an item with an age restriction?

Answer: When the customer buys alcohol, cigarettes, or any age-restricted medicine, I will ask for an ID.

Question#15: Share with us about a moment when your proposal resulted in time or money savings or increased revenue.

Answer: I proposed ordering products according to the season with significant market demand. That decision increased revenue. 

Question#16: When your shift is over, do you feel comfortable depositing cash in the safe?

Answer: If my store has a proper security system, I don't have any problem leaving the cash in the store. However, the security system can be compromised for some reasons. In that case, I would give the money to the store manager to keep it.  

Question#17: Describe a time when you provided a customer with excellent service.

Answer: Even though the item was unavailable in shops, a consumer walked into the store looking for it because they had come across it online. I gave the customer this explanation and apologized for the trouble. 

Then, I offered them alternative options that were presented in-store and arranged for the item they had seen online to be shipped to their house, letting them decide whatever was most feasible.

Question#18: Why do you think you are qualified for this position?

Answer: I am confident that I can take on the responsibilities of the store and leave a good impression on the customers. I have already worked five jobs as a cashier and never disappointed my manager. I can assure you that you can trust me because I find it exciting and enjoyable to help people shop.

Career Path of Cashiers

cashier interview questions

To become a cashier, you need to complete your undergraduate degree first. After that, you can participate in the training programs arranged for customer care. At the same time, you need to apply for the cashier job. 

Being a cashier for 8 to 10 years in different retail shops will allow you to learn the advanced technologies and skills to advance to the next step. If you get a promotion at this stage, you may become a cashier supervisor of the store.

However, the journey from becoming a cashier to a cashier supervisor will take 5 to 7 years. 

To apply for a job as a lead cashier, you need work experience similar to before. But cashier V and the head cashier posts don't have specific years of experience reports.

Current and Future Market Demand for Cashiers

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 3,371,600 people worked as cashiers in different stores in 2021. 

However, in the upcoming decade, the job opportunities for a cashier may decline by 10%. It can be because many shops are now operating on digital payment systems and AIs.  

Even with the downward movement of the job position, there will be 335,700 new job opportunities between 2021-2031. 

Is being a cashier a good career choice?

Since it is an entry-level job, a cashier is a good career choice for many reasons. They are:

  • Several other fields are open for a cashier
  • Weekly working hours not more than 40 hours 
  • Discounts are available for them 
  • Interacting with different clients 
  • Not a typical corporate job
  • No need for college degrees 
  • Indoor work in the shop 
  • Overall stressless job 
  • Less physical labor 
  • Decent work environment

Salary Range of a Cashier

If you are wondering how much salary a cashier receives per year, that would be $28,477, according to the statistics done in the year 2018. The annual median salary can range between $25,655 to the highest $32,884. 

The range of salary for the cashier job can vary depending on some crucial topics. They can be the educational background, additional skills, job location and years of working experience. 

Although many people work as a cashier during their school years without an official college degree, it is better to complete the graduation to move forward in the path of career. Therefore, a candidate should hone the additional skills along with the education to become a successful cashier.

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