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William S. Harley Age, Net Worth, Family, Education & Facts - Biography

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26 December 2022
William S. Harley Biography

Mr. William wasn’t just the simple creator or scientist of an ordinary motorcycle company. He had unknowingly founded one of the most loved and adored motorbike brands worldwide. People from all over the world rave and are proud to be members of the Harley Club, which has existed for years. So, today, let’s look into the man who managed to reserve a place in the books of history forever.

William S. Harley Quick Facts

  • Full Name: William Sylvester Harley
  • Parents: William Harley Sr., Mary Smith
  • Birthland: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
  • Birthday: December 29, 1880
  • Death Date: September 18, 1943
  • Net Worth: 100K- 1 million USD approx. (as of 2019)
  • Spouse: Anna Caroline Jachthuber
  • Educational Institutes: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Who is William S. Harley?

William S. Harley became interested in the beginning phases of the wheel's evolution, which stoked his curiosity about engineering and metallurgy. He started putting powered engines on pushbikes with his close buddy Arthur Davidson. The Harley-Davidson Motor Company was founded by Harley, Davidson, and Davidson's siblings, and it quickly became the foremost motorbike leading producer. William S. Harley was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in recognition of his contributions to the automobile market.

Despite his outstanding achievements, William S. Harley is still somewhat mysterious. He didn't make a lot of noise. He never talked much about himself or his accomplishments. There are relatively few pictures of him, despite his distinguished tenure. He previously sneered and referred to it as "a load of malarkey" after being informed that his ancestors could have imperial links to England.

Harley was the majority shareholder, inventor, and administrator up until his passing. He contributed significantly to future growth and also to the creation of new motorcycles. In addition, he likes to compete and put his brand-new motorcycles to the test.

How Old is William S. Harley?

William S. Harley date of birth : Dec 29, 1880 William S. Harley date of death : Sep 18, 1943
William S. Harley Lived
  • 62 Years
  • 8 Months
  • 20 Days
William S. Harley Next Birthday In
  • 10 Months
  • 25 Days
  • Friday , 29 Dec 2023
Breakdown of William S. Harley lifespan
In Years 62 Years
In Months 752 Months
In Days 22907 Days
In Weeks 3272 Weeks
In Hours 549768 Hours
In Minutes 32986080 Minutes
In Seconds 1979164800 Seconds

Where was William S. Harley Born?

The great genius was born in December to William Harley Sr. and Mary Smith in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States.

Let us now tap into the ancestry line of Mr. Harley, which can provide us with more insight into his life and a deeper understanding. After emigrating to the United States via Littleport, England, William Harley Sr. established the household with his initial spouse, Susan Scotting. She died giving birth to a beautiful daughter, Katherine. Alongside Joseph, William Jr.'s older siblings, William Harley Sr. and Smith, produced five additional offspring, comprising three young brothers and three girls, although only William Harley Jr. lived to reach maturity.

William S. Harley’s Birth Sign

Mr. William belongs to the Capricorn group of astrological signs. He resembles clear signs and symptoms of characters similar to those of people born under this zodiac sign, which we eventually discover as we read the inspiring life story of Mr. William Harley, a humble yet passionate pioneer who is forever embedded in the heart of history.

William S. Harley’s Death Date

The incomparable man passed away on September 18, 1943, because of congestive heart failure, a condition that is often caused because the pumping function of the human heart fails to perform correctly. 

He had been buried at Holy Cross Cemetery and Mausoleum in Milwaukee. Yet, today, fans and family members pay visits and pay respects to the genius’s grave on several occasions. 

To remind the general audience of the legacy left behind by Mr. Harley, a monument of him was created and is on display for the general public in Littleport, Cambridgeshire. The town was the birth town of Mr. Harley’s father. 

William S. Harley’s Net Worth

It is no unknown fact that his joint venture, along with his friend, Mr. Davidson, had reached the heights of success in no time and eventually grabbed a special place in everyone’s hearts today. Let us discover the journey that had aided him in entering the club of millionaires and amassing an unbelievable net worth along with personal fortunes over time. 

Harley, a workaholic who spent hundreds of hours developing the nation's original multiple motors, proved responsible for most of the business's overall performance. However, when revenues had dramatically increased, Harley was in charge of the agreements between the firm and the foreign service. Mr. Harley was chosen to lead its Society of Automotive Engineers Committee on Standardized Military Motorcycles because of his previous efforts during the conflict

He ran the business from a tiny cottage on the Davidson family's property. Considering that he had been acknowledged for having the initial motorbike concept, Harley's information was provided with prime honor. The business created multiple motorcycles in its debut year, each with a solitary power plant, wheels, and a bicycle lever. 

Utterances best describe Harley-upcoming Davidson's millennia: expansion and progress. The firm improved the motorbike concept over the decades and recruited additional customers. Thirty-five individuals were hired by the firm, which manufactured upwards of a hundred motorbikes annually and maintained its warehouse.

Thanks to brand awareness and additional advancements like a hybrid powertrain but front rotors annually, a staggering number of Harley-Davidson motorbikes would be made. Confidence had remained intact. However, this mindset turned out to be untimely.

The main accomplishment of William Sylvester Harley comes from this fact. Virtually all large, light dual Harley-Davidsons bear the heartbeat of his contribution. Shadows are cast by the Promethean apparition. Mr. Harley's mystery and soul remain intact.


From an early age, he was interested in bicycles and their functioning, implementing ideas to make them more powerful and turning up the quality to the highest notch every day. Pursuing that childhood passion and hoping to turn his dream into a reality, he took a job at 14 at a nearby bicycle factory. 

He then went on ahead to grab a tertiary degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After returning from college, he decided to work seriously on his career with his childhood friend, Davidson. 

Family Life

William S. Harley had remained married to his long-term wife, Anna Caroline Jachthuber. The couple was parents to three kids named Ann Mary, William J., and John. 

William S. Harley’s Quotes

The creator of heaven for bikers and one of history's most famous clubs has a lot to teach us young aspirants about our future lives. Let us look at the collection of the most famous quotes and sayings by the man himself, William Harley. 

“When writing the story of your life, never let anybody else hold the pen.”

“Life offers few guarantees, but generally, the harder and longer you work, the more likely you will succeed.”

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