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Ray Kroc Age, Net Worth, Family, Education, & Facts - Biography

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13 December 2022
Ray Kroc Biography

Where did you last have a burger? 80% of us would answer McDonald's. McDonald's has been a part of our daily routines since its inception. The majority of Western citizens consume at least two to three burgers per week.

Wouldn’t you want to know more about the person who revolutionized the fast food industry so rapidly and precisely that it’s almost impossible not to recognize the massive success since it’s embedded into our daily routine and eating habits so effortlessly? It’s time we introduce you to Mr. Ray Kroc, the visionary.

Quick Facts About Ray Kroc

  • Full Name: Raymond Albert Kroc
  • Parents: Louis Kroc, Rose Mary Kroc
  • Birthland: Oak Park, Illinois, United States
  • Birthday: October 5, 1902
  • Death Date: January 14, 1984
  • Net Worth: 600 million USD
  • Spouse: Joan Kroc, Jane Dobbins Green, Ethel Fleming
  • Educational Institutes: Oak Park and River Forest High School

Who is Ray Kroc?

What is the best opportunity to depict the advent of Raymond Kroc? Did he represent a budding genius? Not really. In actuality, he amassed fame and fortune after surviving for nearly most of his remaining life.  He wasn't someone who had it made for him from birth. He had to fight to get higher than or equal to this prosperity pyramid. He overcame whatever roadblocks to succeed, right? Instead, he merely served everyone on Earth, Burgers. 

But Ray didn't suddenly have the culinary business idea, which wasn't fostered by a craniologist forecast either. His early hopes, desires, and professions were the source of it. Several individuals who may have been familiar with the youthful Ray described him as a diligent performer and an unusual seller. He radiated resolve and self-assurance.

Whenever Ray began peddling juice on a stand out beyond his house, he became acquainted with the food processing industry. He used to make a modest additional weekly allowance throughout his boyhood by delivering cool drinks. These are some of the foundational pieces of his destiny as such ruler of a franchising business that was indeed the profitable organization of the fruit stall.

While we are in the process of knowing about all the ins and outs of Mr. Croc, we have also managed to gather a few of the lesser-known and surprising facts about the talented individual, as listed below. 

  • He was an alcoholic.
  • Ray never did manage to find McDonald's.
  • Ray backed Richard Nixon's run for office.
  • Additionally, Ray Kroc enforced a no-assistants rule.
  • Ray has additionally been visible in a variety of publications.
  • Ray previously received a penalty because of his baseball activity.
  • Following Ray's passing, his subsequent wife started a foundation.
  • Throughout the Great Depression, Ray had a variety of occupations.
  • He started the Kroc Foundation some time ago before he passed away.
  • Ray Kroc's Music Emporium is a record shop that Kroc and some buddies founded.
  • Additionally, he established Hamburger University for aspiring McDonald's workers.

How Old is Ray Kroc?

Ray Kroc date of birth : Oct 05, 1902 Ray Kroc date of death : Jan 14, 1984
Ray Kroc Lived
  • 81 Years
  • 3 Months
  • 9 Days
Ray Kroc Next Birthday In
  • 8 Months
  • 1 Days
  • Thursday , 05 Oct 2023
Breakdown of Ray Kroc lifespan
In Years 81 Years
In Months 975 Months
In Days 29686 Days
In Weeks 4240 Weeks
In Hours 712464 Hours
In Minutes 42747840 Minutes
In Seconds 2564870400 Seconds

Where was Ray Kroc Born?

In 1902, he introduced himself to this world and meant to do great things. He was born in a park in Chicago called Oak Park in Illinois, United States.

Ray Croc’s Death Date

He was already suffering from various diseases, such as arthritis and diabetes, and on top of that, being an alcoholic affected his health. He passed away from heart failure at age 81 and was buried at a graveyard in San Diego on January 14, 1984.

Ray Kroc’s Birth Sign

Libra is Ray Kroc's astrological element. Fortune tellers claim that individuals conceived under the zodiac of Libra are considerate, cooperative, and loathe, namely by themselves. Collaboration is essential to people because it serves as a mirror and as an individual who gives them the authority to serve as their counterparts. 

Such people are drawn to harmony and elegance, always seeking fair treatment. Throughout their existence, they realize that their unique innermost identities represent the only things that genuinely matter to them. This person will go to great lengths to prevent confrontation and promote tolerance wherever feasible.

Ray Kroc’s Net Worth

When Kroc assumed the presidency of McDonald's, he launched coaching for company owners that placed a strong emphasis on mechanization and operational standards. He established stringent guidelines for preparing food, process conditions, labeling, and other factors to ensure that McDonald's hamburgers tasted identical across the nation. Most of his approximate 600 million USD net worth had been generated since he took over McDonald’s.


Ray had been quite determined and self-assured since he was little. He was a bright, diligent young man as well. He succeeded in discussions when a student at Oak Park's Lincoln School displayed a talent for persuasion. He began performing handyman work at groceries or pharmacies as a student at the elementary school to supplement his income. Although he dropped out eventually, he was typically known to be a man of many talents. 

Ray demonstrated his skill in debate when he remained a student. He enjoyed the technique of persuasion and identified his preferences. He discovered the value of an informative message he would deliver during an argument over smoking consequences in high school. Ray loved being the focus of attention throughout this argument.

Ray generally showed some level of zeal for activities he enjoyed. He was talented in musicianship, persuasive, persistent, dedicated, and determined. He and his father frequently spectated baseball games due to their mutual passion. After a year in his initial period, he developed an innate skill for such an instrument.

Family Life

The oldest of the three children, Raymond, had a younger brother and a sister named Robert and Lorraine. The household was intimate and might be viewed as the ultimate illustration of a typical American community. One may characterize Rose, Raymond's mother, as a devoted and heartfelt homemaker. She was a compassionate woman who taught individuals of all ages how to play the piano to supplement her income. In contrast, Louis, Raymond's dad, was a gentleman of remarkable restraint.

Moving on into adulthood, Mr. Croc had been married three times in his entire lifetime. Surprisingly enough, two of the three had divorced and separated from each other. Ray Kroc married Ethel Fleming, his high school sweetheart, in 1922. They had a daughter named Marilyn Kroc. However, the couple separated in 1961. He then remarried Jane Dobbins Green, a secretary, in 1963. And this marriage, too, ended in divorce in 1968.

Then he wed Joan Beverly Smith, née Mansfield, in 1969. They met for the first time in 1957. At that time, Mr. Croc was married to Ethel, and she was married to Rawland F. Smith, a Navy veteran and McDonald's franchisee. Mr. Croc and Joan Beverly Smith were engaged in a covert romance for several years before they could divorce their respective partners and marry each other.

Ray Kroc’s Quotes

Some quotations from probably the far more prosperous fast-food marketer provide light on Kroc's consideration and discovery regarding the industry as he built the McDonald's network in the United States and eventually throughout the planet. Executives in the culinary and hospitality industries should pay attention to this advice.

“To be successful, you must be daring, be first and be different.”

“There’s almost nothing you can’t accomplish if you set your mind to it.”

“The key to success is being in the right place at the right time, recognizing that you are there, and taking action!”

“If you work just for money, you'll never make it, but if you love what you're doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours.”

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