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Marilyn Monroe Age, Net Worth, Family, Education & Facts - Biography

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02 January 2023
Marilyn Monroe Biography

Several folks need to be made aware of the movie it comes from. Who hasn't recognized Marilyn from a provocative photograph of her standing in a railway tunnel in fluttering attire?Because Marilyn Monroe continues to be present in our thoughts and emotions, her storytelling has never truly ended. 

Although she passed away well over 60 years ago, her notoriety remains alive and well today. Let's go into the minute aspects that shaped her legendary approach to life and her presence throughout the halcyon period.

Marilyn Monroe Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Norma Jeane Mortenson
  • Parents: Gladys Pearl Baker, Charles Stanley Gifford
  • Birthland: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Birthday: June 1, 1926
  • Death Date: August 5, 1962
  • Net Worth: 800,000 USD approximately 
  • Spouse: James Dougherty, Joe DiMaggio, Arthur Miller
  • Educational Institutes: Ralph Waldo Emerson Community Charter Middle School, Van Nuys High School

Who is Marilyn Monroe?

If we were to speak of beauty and the early days of Hollywood, the first name to pop up in one’s mind would probably be Marilyn Monroe. Monroe persevered in her dedication to her profession and put in a lot of effort to develop a prosperous future with the impossible odds she had to overcome during her existence. She became a revered and timeless icon of Hollywood glitz thanks to her elegance, skill, and personality, and her heritage still encourages and impacts individuals all over the globe.

How Old is Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe date of birth : Jun 01, 1926
Marilyn Monroe Age Now
  • 96 Years
  • 8 Months
  • 2 Days
Marilyn Monroe Next Birthday In
  • 3 Months
  • 28 Days
  • Thursday , 01 Jun 2023
Marilyn Monroe Already Lived
In Years 96 Years
In Months 1160 Months
In Days 35311 Days
In Weeks 5044 Weeks
In Hours 847468 Hours
In Minutes 50848099 Minutes
In Seconds 3050885957 Seconds

Where was Marilyn Monroe Born?

Marilyn Monroe was born in Los Angeles, United States—one of the best metropolises. The city is well-known worldwide for serving as the affluent and prominent Hollywood residence, the headquarters of significant production corporations, congested streets, and a diversified immigrant population.

Marilyn Monroe’s Death Date

Monroe battled depression and drug dependence during her lifetime, notwithstanding her celebrity and prosperity. On August 5, 1962, she overdosed and passed away when she was the age of 36. Although conspiracy theories surrounding the details of Monroe's demise have now been circulating for generations, her demise was determined to be likely self-harm.

Marilyn Monroe’s Birth Sign

Gemini, a constellation characterized by diversity, flexibility, and interaction, was Monroe's natal horoscope. Monroe certainly benefited from the capacity of Geminis to adjust to different circumstances and places during her tenure in Hollywood. She could handle the rigors of the media business and change with the times to accept new jobs and embrace different difficulties.

Monroe was undoubtedly a gifted communicator, as Geminis are noted for such a trait. She was just a talented artist and entertainer, and an essential factor in her popularity was her capacity to evoke compassion in viewers. In complement to her exceptional performance, Monroe was renowned for her beautiful powers of persuasion; in speeches and press conferences, she was frequently regarded as captivating and seductive.

Monroe's attitude and profession exhibited the double character Geminis are renowned for. She would have to uphold an evident characteristic for her admirers and the journalists since she was an established, high-profile person who was often in the limelight. She was just a tranquil and introverted individual who battled illnesses of the mind and personal factors.

Marilyn Monroe’s Net Worth

Aggregate net valuations of numerous celebrities now, Monroe's was a comparatively low amount at the moment of her passing. But in the ensuing years of her death, her notoriety and importance have so far only increased, and the asset has remained able to generate money by licensing her identity and visage. According to current estimates, Monroe's wealth is significantly more extensive, and her reputation is still an excellent resource for the heirs.

Even with great fortune and accomplishment, Monroe had money problems all her existence. She frequently showed a lack of financial restraint and indiscriminately purchased expensive products and made extravagant gestures. Various bills and financial troubles depleted her resources, and in 1962 she became obliged to submit a bankruptcy petition.

Her prosperous profession in the business world contributed significantly to Monroe's total wealth. She started as a supermodel and had featured in several publications, notably Playboy. Following on, she made the switch to performing and had appearances in several movies, namely "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," "The Seven Year Itch," among "Some Like It Hot." Monroe's popularity and wealth increased courtesy of these movies.

Monroe had a concert in combination with being an actress, and she produced numerous CDs. At a benefit in 1962, she performed "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" before President John F. Kennedy, and indeed the occasion has evolved into another of her most outstanding famous performances. Aside from sponsorship arrangements, Monroe also appeared in advertising for various goods, notably scent and makeup.


Due to her upbringing, Monroe had little opportunity to attend a traditional college. She needed help with academics, and her participation frequently required to be revised. After that, she transferred to Van Nuys High School, where she fought a second time to maintain abreast academically. Throughout her upbringing, she joined diverse educational establishments.

Family Life

During infancy and childhood, Monroe experienced both upheaval and hardship. When she was two weeks old, her mum was committed to a psychiatric condition, and she was assigned to a foster home. Monroe was frequently ignored and harassed for most of her youth while living in a succession of care families and shelters. 

Later, she resided alongside her mum and numerous other aunts and uncles. Still, Gladys found it challenging to give her child a place to call home due to her psychological medical problems. In appearances, Monroe hardly ever mentioned her mother because of their tense relationship.

In 1942, Marilyn wed James Dougherty, an acquaintance. Because she embarked on a profession in beauty and performance in 1946, their marriage ended in separation. After her first marriage, she married screenwriter Arthur Miller and baseball center fielder Joe DiMaggio

Monroe maintained her mystique and ambiguity across her lifetime. She battled internal issues and did not achieve contentment regardless of her reputation and accomplishments. She struggled and died prematurely due to her turbulent familial and interpersonal relationships. Given the problems she encountered, Monroe is still acknowledged as perhaps the most renowned female celebrity of all eras and a steadfast symbol of Hollywood.

Marilyn Monroe’s Quotes

Even though she had a curvy body, golden hair, and her signature red pout, Norma Jeane Mortenson proved to be more than a teenage heartthrob throughout her lifespan. Many well-known quotes attributed to the superstar would give every female in the 1950s, 1960s, and even today a sense of empowerment, inspiration, and passion. Let’s have a look at some of those below. 

"I am trying to find myself. Sometimes that's not easy."

"If I'd observed all the rules, I'd never got anywhere."

"A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none."

"Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about."

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