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Machine Gun Kelly Age, Net Worth, Family, Education & Facts - Biography

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05 January 2023
Machine Gun Kelly Biography

The genre-defying reggae anarchist Machine Gun Kelly seeks to bring people together via art. In 2020, Machine Gun Kelly's image appeared all around. Machine Gun Kelly is instilling heart and passion into music at a time when humanity desperately needs it.

The fantastic fifth latest album by the lyricist, composer, bassist, and performer, who is also the head of a modern rock revival, adds to his reputation as the most talented and versatile musician of his time.

Consequently, the dilemma of what happens subsequently arises. Does MGK intend to make headlines much further than gaining even greater superpower status? As dreamy as all of this may sound, stay tuned with us as we reveal more information regarding further aspects of MGK’s life.

Machine Gun Kelly Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Richard Colson Baker
  • Parents: James Colson Baker, Sonia Alane
  • Birthland: Houston, Texas, United States
  • Birthday: April 22, 1990
  • Net Worth: 25 million USD
  • Spouse: N/A
  • Educational Institutes: Hamilton Middle School, Thomas Jefferson High School, Shaker Heights High School

Who is Machine Gun Kelly?

Baker is known for his energetic, confident stage presence and aggressive, raw rapping style. He has released several successful albums, including "Lace Up," "General Admission," and "Tickets to My Downfall," and has collaborated with numerous other artists.

In addition to his successful music career, Baker is also known for his acting work. His performances have earned him widespread praise and helped establish him as a versatile and talented artist. He has appeared in numerous films and television shows, including "Roadies," "Nerve," and "The Dirt."

MGK began rhyming in school. His discovery was made with the Stamp of Approval album. The popularity of his debut cassette inspired MGK to pursue a career as an artist. He continued to drop four additional recordings over a year.

How Old is Machine Gun Kelly?

Machine Gun Kelly date of birth : Apr 22, 1990
Machine Gun Kelly Age Now
  • 32 Years
  • 9 Months
  • 12 Days
Machine Gun Kelly Next Birthday In
  • 2 Months
  • 18 Days
  • Saturday , 22 Apr 2023
Machine Gun Kelly Already Lived
In Years 32 Years
In Months 393 Months
In Days 11975 Days
In Weeks 1710 Weeks
In Hours 287403 Hours
In Minutes 17244188 Minutes
In Seconds 1034651320 Seconds

Where was Machine Gun Kelly Born?

Machine Gun Kelly was born in Houston, Texas, in the United States. Houston is known to be home to many modern celebrities worldwide, and it is no surprise that our superstar has successfully made his name in Hollywood's history.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Birth Sign

Overall, Machine Gun Kelly's Taurus energy may be reflected in his dedication to his career, his love of luxury and the finer things in life, and his desire for stability and security in his relationships. While astrology is not a scientifically recognized field, and the belief in the influence of the zodiac on an individual's personality and behavior is a matter of personal interpretation and opinion, it can be interesting to consider how an individual's astrological sign might manifest in their life and personality.

Tauruses are known for their strong sense of responsibility and ability to persevere and see things through. Taurus is also associated with sensuality and a love of the finer things in life, and those born under this sign are often drawn to luxury and the arts.

As a Taurus, Machine Gun Kelly is likely to possess many characteristics associated with this sign. He may be reliable and responsible, with a strong work ethic and a commitment to seeing things through. He may also have a love of luxury and a refined sense of taste.

In terms of his artistic pursuits, Machine Gun Kelly's Taurus energy may manifest in his dedication to his craft and his determination to succeed in the music industry. Taurus is known for its perseverance and ability to withstand setbacks and challenges, which may have helped Machine Gun Kelly overcome any obstacles he faced on his path to success.

Regarding personal relationships, Taurus is known for its loyalty and desire for stability and security. Machine Gun Kelly may value these things in his own life and be committed to maintaining strong, lasting relationships with those he cares about. He may also be drawn to partnerships that provide a sense of security and stability and may be hesitant to take risks that could jeopardize these things.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Net Worth

Machine Gun Kelly has been active in the entertainment industry since the early 2007s, with notable success in music and film. As a result, he has amassed a substantial net worth. The estimate is based on various factors, including his album sales, touring income, and earnings from his acting career. 

Machine Gun Kelly first gained widespread recognition with his debut album, "Lace Up," in 2012. The album was highly successful, making it to the top of the rap charts and earning him a loyal fan base. Since then, he has brought out more mixtapes, including "General Admission," "Bloom," and "Tickets to My Downfall," which have all contributed to his net worth.

Machine Gun Kelly has also earned income from touring and live performances. He has traveled extensively to support his music and has played at numerous festivals and concerts worldwide.

It is worth noting that Machine Gun Kelly's net worth is an estimate and may vary based on various factors. It is also important to remember that net worth is not the same as wealth, as it does not consider an individual's expenses or liabilities.


MGK's father booted him from the family house after he graduated college, leaving the youngster to figure out his life alone. He attended Hamilton Middle School and then Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver. He dabbled with narcotics in junior high. His dad relocated MGK to Kuwait in 2005, when the kid got into more significant difficulty.

Family Life

Machine Gun Kelly hails from several lines of descendants and could be called mixed race to some extent. He spent much of his childhood with his father after his mother had unfortunately abandoned their family due to unconfirmed reasons. 

To add to the misery, his father had been going through a rough time following depression and unemployment. As a result, even MGK was bullied by some classmates, but regardless, he could snap out of his unpleasant childhood memories and rise as a superstar at the end of the day.

Machine Gun Kelly’s Quotes

Greetings, MGK enthusiasts! Here are some of the finest MGK quotes addressing achievement, romance, happiness, and other topics. 

“There is no VIP. We're all the same.”

“Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings.”

“I think, with music, I'm a lyricist who talks about real life things.”

“As my world turns, the heart beats, not only in my chest, but the heart of the streets.”

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