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Dave Thomas Age, Net Worth, Family, Education & Facts - Biography

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02 January 2023
Dave Thomas Biography

Luscious square beef patties served along with delicious desserts as sides with an unforgettable taste lasting a lifetime—who is the man behind it all? You have guessed it right! Today our man of the hour is Mr. Dave Thomas, who utterly changed the game of the fast food business through his inexplicable efforts and mind-blowing ideas that have yet today compelled the world to remember his name in the list of the most iconic men ever to have existed on the planet yet. 

Dave Thomas - Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Rex David Thomas
  • Parents: Auleva Thomas, Rex Thomas
  • Birthland: Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States
  • Birthday: July 2, 1932
  • Net Worth: 4.2 billion USD
  • Spouse: Lorraine Thomas
  • Educational Institutes: Coconut Creek High School

Who is Dave Thomas?

Wendy's was originally founded by American entrepreneur Dave Thomas. To fulfill his vision of providing a family for each kid, he established Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Dave Thomas has blossomed into one of the country's most prominent names because of his famous Wendy's commercials. The Dave Thomas Foundation of Adoption has done a lot to promote the benefits of parenthood. He had invested his time, energy, and resources toward reducing the time needed for every kid to accomplish this objective.

Dave Thomas was also a well-known author of two of his famous books, which contributed towards the proceeds of his private foundation. Per the Chicago Tribune, his debut autobiography, an introspective description of Thomas's founding, including Wendy's dynamic concept, has been one of the best-selling narrative titles. However, his second volume was jam-packed with inspirational observations, but what he believes are the traits, beliefs, and abilities that outstanding individuals have in common.

 Note these names if you want to buy or check them out: 

  • Dave's Way: A New Approach to Old-fashioned Success
  • Well Done! Dave's Secret Recipe for Everyday Success

Somebody accomplished and became the proprietor of Wendy's, arguably America's third-best fast food outlet in the US. Although experimenting with various establishments, including burger outlets, individuals have frequently moaned that they needed help locating the ideal bread or the ultimate macaroni. Yet, how often have you skipped past the whining?

In a further effort to improve the reputation of patties, he unwittingly changed the course of food service chronology and left behind a reputation that endured for centuries. He was prevented from taking the initiative and launching his business selling genuine gourmet patties since he needed help locating a nice one himself. 

He received several awards and titles before and after his death. A few of the most prominent ones include: 

  • Shriners’ membership
  • Honorary Kentucky Colonel
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • Junior Achievement U.S. Business Hall of Fame

How Old is Dave Thomas?

Dave Thomas date of birth : Jul 02, 1932
Dave Thomas Age Now
  • 90 Years
  • 7 Months
  • 1 Days
Dave Thomas Next Birthday In
  • 4 Months
  • 28 Days
  • Sunday , 02 Jul 2023
Dave Thomas Already Lived
In Years 90 Years
In Months 1087 Months
In Days 33088 Days
In Weeks 4726 Weeks
In Hours 794115 Hours
In Minutes 47646923 Minutes
In Seconds 2858815382 Seconds

Where was Dave Thomas Born?

Dave Thomas was born to a single mother in Atlantic City, New Jersey. His parents, Rex and Auleva Thomas, adopted him when he was five years old. His alleged grandmother later raised him in Michigan because his adoptive father had gone out to seek employment opportunities to feed the family.

If noticed from an individual perspective, his upbringing and values were mainly instilled by his grandmother. Right now, as the world can observe, his philanthropic efforts have led us to believe that grandma did an outstanding job while raising him. 

Dave Thomas Birth Sign

Dave Thomas belonged to the zodiac family of the Taurus sign, which falls in the second position out of the twelve ones to exist.

Dave Thomas Death Date

Mr. Dave Thomas passed away on January 08, 2002, shortly after recovering from bypass operations multiple times. The main reason behind his death was lung cancer, and he was buried at the Union Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio. He spent his final days in his home in Florida, United States.

Dave Thomas Net Worth

We are already aware that Mr. Thomas had an approximate net worth of a staggering 4 billion USD and counting, and it is now our turn to figure out how he did it and what led to its prominence in the last couple of decades. 

Thomas grew up fondling dining establishments and had a passion for gastronomy. He said that he may have been a "hamburger guy" and that patties would be his area of expertise. 

Having offered his kids jobs over the vacation, Thomas planned to launch several other businesses. But his idea of a diner with retro furnishings, antiquated cuisine, and cushioned interiors became popular. Thomas made money after a short period of only six weeks. 

Thomas made an industry-first step when he started offering Wendy's partnerships, encompassing whole municipalities and portions of counties. More than 1,000 businesses were established during the first 100 quarters of the deal; this rapid expansion lasted 20 years and propelled Wendy's to third place among global eateries.


Mr. Thomas was a school dropout at the mere age of only 15. He had decided to end it at such an older age because, according to him, it would set a bad example for children going through adolescence worldwide—those he intended to inspire. However, later, with the aid of a personal tutor, he completed his high school degree; he attempted to sit for the GED Examination at the Coconut Creek High School near his residence. 

Family Life

He married Lorraine Thomas, and the couple were the parents of five children, one of them was Wendy Thomas, the name under which he opened his world-famous burger joint. 

Suppose we are to observe his initial life with his adopted family. According to his testament, it was a much better experience than growing up in an orphanage, despite his early childhood and adulthood not being as picture-perfect as he had initially imagined them. This was also one of the main factors that inspired him to start his foundation for the betterment of adopted kids and youngsters worldwide. 

Dave Thomas Quotes

We all strive to achieve success throughout our lives; consider taking inspiration from someone who built his entrepreneurial company from the ground up and sacrificed their whole career. Here, we present to you some of the most famous quotations by Mr. Dave Thomas. 

“There’s no one to stop you but yourself.”

“I think the harder you work, the more luck you have.”

“Hard work is good for the soul, and it keeps you from feeling sorry for yourself because you don’t have time.”

“Get all the education you can. Who knows what more I could have achieved if I’d stayed in school and went to college? The possibilities are endless when you have an education.”

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