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Colonel Harland Sander Age, Net Worth, Family, Education, and Facts - Biography

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13 December 2022
Colonel Harland Sander Biography

What’s the first name that pops up when thinking of fried chicken? I can guarantee you that one of the many options that one would recall, KFC makes it among the top three, which brings us to our topic today, learning more about the life and values of the man who has inspired humans of all ages and genders, the creator of KFC himself, Colonel Harland Sanders. 

We might all be aware that he established KFC very late, but what inspired him? Let’s dive deep into his life to discover the bits and pieces that led to the creation of one of the largest food chains worldwide.

Quick Facts about Colonel Harland Sanders

  • Full Name: Harland David Sanders
  • Parents: Wilbur David,  Margaret Ann Sanders
  • Birthland: Henryville, Indiana, United States of America
  • Birthday: September 9, 1890
  • Death Date: December 16, 1980
  • Net Worth: 3.5 million USD
  • Spouse: Claudia Price, Josephine King
  • Educational Institutes: La Salle Extension University

Who is Colonel Harland Sanders?

American entrepreneur Colonel Sanders is primarily credited with developing "Kentucky Fried Chicken" (KFC). Amid the Great Depression, he started preparing chicken to serve clients at the convenience store in Corbin, Kentucky.

He opened Kentucky Fried Chicken locations around the nation as franchises. The business had 600 locations until he relinquished his ownership in 1964. He discovered spirituality, appeared on fundamentalist Christian television programs, and gave money to organizations like the Salvation Army.

Let’s now spin the wheel to some of the most interesting facts about him, which I bet would shock you as equally as I was in the beginning. 

  • Through KFC, he struggled to make 2 million USD.
  • Seeking 122 million USD, he sought to sue KFC.
  • A person was formerly killed for his trademark.
  • He could have been better at directing a company.
  • He held the honorary title of Kentucky colonel, given by the Commonwealth of Kentucky.
  • He claims that KFC somehow doesn't employ the fabled 11-herb and spice original special ingredient.
  • Throughout the final decades of his life, Colonel Sanders was only occasionally photographed sporting his white suit.
  • The KFC Museum is located within the eatery where Colonel Sanders created the KFC formula.
  • Per myth, Colonel Sanders cursed the Japanese basketball player Hanshin Tigers.
  • KFC locations received random inspections from Colonel Sanders. If he wasn't happy only with meals, he flung them across the ground, loudly berating the staff.

How Old is Colonel Harland Sanders?

Colonel Harland Sanders date of birth : Sep 09, 1890 Colonel Harland Sanders date of death : Dec 16, 1980
Colonel Harland Sanders Lived
  • 90 Years
  • 3 Months
  • 7 Days
Colonel Harland Sanders Next Birthday In
  • 7 Months
  • 5 Days
  • Saturday , 09 Sep 2023
Breakdown of Colonel Harland Sanders lifespan
In Years 90 Years
In Months 1083 Months
In Days 32970 Days
In Weeks 4710 Weeks
In Hours 791280 Hours
In Minutes 47476800 Minutes
In Seconds 2848608000 Seconds

Where was Colonel Harland Sanders Born?

He was born in the state of Henryville, Indiana, United States, and later relocated to Greenwood shortly after the second marriage of his mother.

Colonel Harland Sanders’ Birth Sign

According to this birthdate, the ever-inspirational figure, Colonel Sanders, belongs to Virgo's zodiac group and demonstrates several of his characteristics with that of the Virgo family. 

Virgos are excellent communicators who use their keen erudition to make points and the common humanity of others. This distinctive quality of Sanders can be mainly observed when he went from door to door, offering to merge with several restaurant owners to make his recipe renowned. As we can see from the results today, it was well deserved! 

Another very obvious trait that we can observe in Colonel Sanders as a Virgo is that his continuous hard work and efficiency paid off after several failures during his lifetime, which is one virtue he demonstrates as a member of the Virgo family.

Colonel Harland Sanders’ Death Date

Sanders, who was 90 years old, passed away from leukemia on December 16th, 1980. Before being laid to rest in Louisville, Kentucky, his remains were compelled to lie in honor at the Kentucky State Capitol.

Following Colonel Sanders' passing, KFC's success skyrocketed. It was established as one of the leading quick-serve companies in the United States, expanded hundreds of locations over the globe, and reported a 436 million USD operating revenue in the regular season of 2017. Nevertheless, that achievement came at the cost of the Colonel's reputation being ruined.

Colonel Harland Sanders’ Net Worth

It was not easy to be in the shoes of Colonel Sanders, who had led a life of a great deal of difficulty after switching several jobs and careers when success finally knocked on his door. However, it was tough to retain, and during his career, around the age of 73, he only managed to sell KFC for approximately 3.5 million USD at that time.


There is little to speak about his academic life since he dropped out of school very early to take responsibility for his younger siblings. However, it has been reported that later in his life, he received a degree from the La Salle Extension University for studying Law.

Family Life

The Colonel Sanders household experienced frequent upheaval and tragic events. Harland married Josephine King and they had three children together. Failure to maintain things caused difficulties at home, resulting in his employment struggles. Josephine ended up parting with him, taking the children behind him, and finally divorcing.

Throughout his late adulthood, Sanders suffered from anxiety for a while. Sincerity, be told, it's easy to understand wherefore. Ultimately, he wed Claudia Leddington, alongside whom he'd reside after his passing. 

Colonel Harland Sanders' Quotes

We've compiled a few of Colonel Sanders' greatest quotes and are explaining how they motivate and push individuals every time humans come across them.

The philosophy of KFC is woven together with the Colonel's inclusiveness. The Colonel was unquestionably a living illustration of how perseverance, devotion to excellence, and a sense of purpose would result in achievement. The home regulations, which still govern us today, represent these.

“One has to remember that every failure can be a stepping stone to something better.”

"The hard way builds confidence that cannot be swept away.”

“I feed truck drivers, millionaires all at the same table.”

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