Josh Evan

Josh Evan

Josh Evan is the professional career counselor and career development writer at When Work Works. He loves to see people from this field succeed through initiating the right thing in the right way. He never tells; he shows the way. We appointed John not because of his impressive CV. It was his counseling charisma which stood out of everything. He can implant idea, confidence and productive thoughts into mind almost effortlessly. His pen and mouth both speak for the greater good.

Josh’s Credentials

Josh is blessed with his tremendous knowledge and thirst for exploring more about developing one’s career, and this very notion made him standout. He has witnessed people struggling to stand on their feet in the ever-increasing job market and corporate world. He has seen people wanting to know how to improve interview skills and develop corporate and life skills.

He harnesses his experience, skill, and creativity at When Work Works to help people build their careers. Besides, he creates value adding contents for those thriving on hard work. He says, “Great writing is about honesty, authenticity, and empathy. If you can connect with your readers and make them feel like you understand their struggles, they will be more likely to trust and connect with your content.’’ This is Josh Evan.

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