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How to use an age calculator

This free tool to calculate your age is simple, yet complex. Firstly, enter your date of birth of the person or item you intend to find the exact age of, and just click on “calculate age.” The results will be displayed in years, months, and days, down below. 

An age calculator in general is a handy tool to find out the age in a time of someone or something that has existed between two dates. The difference between the two dates is the answer of “how old am i “ and so on. Knowing your correct age is essential for every individual., as it constitutes information required at different stages of your life. 

How old am I today?

How old am I today is a question that can easily be answered using this handy age calculator. The quickest way to find out is to enter the date of your birth. The present date is already selected in the field, which means all you need to do is let the age calculator calculate your age, as of today, It will give you the result in years, months, and down to days.

How old I was on X date?

You may want to find out your age for a certain date, be it a past, present, or future date. For example, how old were you in June 1997, or how old will you be in June 2028. 

Simply, enter your date of birth in the desired field, and this time, enter June 1997 under “Today.” You can also add a future date if that’s your requirement. The age calculator will give you an accurate result, which is the difference between your date of birth, and your desired date of past, present, or future. 

How old I will be on X date?

Yes, the age calculator allows you to count your age for future dates too. Just change the current date to your desired future date, for example, if you are intending to calculate your expected age on June 2035, select June 2035 in the correct field. 

Let the age calculate and take care of the rest.

How many days/weeks/months/... old am I?

This age calculating tool contains a variety of time units, which means that it has the ability to give you answers down to weeks, and even seconds. To discover your age in unusual units, enter your date of birth. Double check that the current date in today’s field is accurate too. Lastly, select the desired unit for the age calculator to answer your query. 

How to calculate your age?

As mentioned earlier, your age is the number between your birth date and the current date. The age calculator specifically determines the amount of time between these two dates. Typically, age is calculated by subtracting your birth year, month, and date from the current year, month, and date. 

Age = Current Year - Birth Year

To precisely calculate your exact age, down to days and seconds, you must deduct the month and day from the current month and day.

If you were born on X date, how old are you?

To calculate someone’s age accurately, deduct the year of birth from the current year. The result displayed will be their current age. However, it can still be off by a year if you are unsure of the month of the birth. 

For example, 2022 - 2001 = 21 years

Note, if the person was born in November, of 2001, their age is 20 years, 8 months.

Random facts about age and time

History can often surprise you with facts that one can never imagine. Here are some fun and interesting factors about time and age.

In 1968, the world population was 3.5 billion. Currently, it stands at 7.3 billion and growing rapidly by 200,000 daily. 

The human race has only lived on Earth for 0.004 percent of the entire planet’s history. 

Did you know that the median age globally has increased to 30 years in 2019 from 21.5 years in 1970?

Who is the oldest person in history

Research suggests that the old person in history was born on 21st February, 1875, a French woman named Jeanne Calment, who lived 122 years, 164 days before expiring on 4th August 1997. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that the top 10 oldest people on the record are all women?

How can you find out someone’s age?

To find out someone’s age accurately, you can do the following:

Check social media, ask around, use public records, and dig up their family history. Alternatively, you can check out the free years calculator to get answers.

How old are you when you are 10000 days old?

Being 10,000 days old, in other words, means that one is exactly 27 years, 4 months, and 15 days old.

What age will I be in 2050?

It is ideal to use the age calculator for accuracy, in case you want it to down to months and days. Set your date of birth in the desired field, select the year 2050 in the current year field, and let the age calculator do its job. 


Needless to say that calculating a person’s age is not so simple due to many factors such as various calendars, religious beliefs, and much more. The best part about this handy tool is that it is not limited to people only, you can also determine other valuable information regarding your business, entities, cars, pets, etc. Whenever you feel the need to find out someone or something’s age in time, feel free to take instant assistance that delivers age accurately.